Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year!!!

Well, that's that...

The first New Year for SaDdNesZ.jc


Today's Review: The Chicken

I came out from the LRT station this morning and was greeted by an African guy giving out leaflets. So I thought, what, Black Money scams are now being legalised and they're rampant enough to give out leaflets?

Well, so happened, the fella was giving out flyers for a chicken deli restaraunt. Well, it's a normal promotional flyer saying that the restaurant is expanding and in view of that, they are now doing delivery services. The tagline says it all: "Now, Chickens can fly."

The first reaction that registered in my mind was, "Wait a minute, chickens do fly in the first place!"

As a 'poffesiownol' copywriter, these things strike me the most. I know it's probably because of the promotion that they want to get the message across about chicken meals being delivered to your doorstep, and a certain segment of the market may find it 'creatively done', but getting some of these basic facts wrong is just heresy!

Chickens do fly!! Albeit they can only stay in the air for no more than 5 seconds, they can fly and they do!

Sometimes we forget that chickens are fowls instead of some farmed creature made only to serve it purpose in man's stomachs. There are chickens, reared in freedom, who fly up into trees for the night! And they have been flying up to trees at night since they became, well, chickens!

So, what's with "Now, Chickens can Fly"?

That apart, sometimes as human beings, we also tend to forget our actual purpose in life. Because we've been reared in a farm, cooped up in a barn, we think that that's our only purpose and our life. All we see are the cages that surround us, the rat race to get fatter and become more valueable to our 'owners' (bosses), and serve the purpose of our lives, at the end, on a platter!

Living in this rat hole of a metropolitan, we are like the chickens who think that they cannot fly. this is because they had no purpose in flying. They lived in a cage, on the ground, covered by mesh-wire, protected from the evil that lies outside of the cage.

We have forgotten how it feels to fly. We have forgotten that we can fly. We have forgotten that we have wings, and the wings are not just a commodity for the Sayap Seller (Barbequed Chicken Wings Seller).

We are always more than we can be. Never forget that.

The entire purpose of man is more than this. It has to be.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Something I got off the Tele...

Well, I was watching this drama series when this phrase struck me. Therer was this scene that supposedly placed the actor in a foreign airport. And I realised:

"You know you're not getting out of it when the Immigration Officer speaks your language!"

I was chatting with a friend just the other day about 'jumping airplane' to the UK. I actually almost did that when my girlfriend wanted to do her masters in either Liverpool or Nottingham. Because I just graduated back then, and I have had nothing to lose, I figured that it would be a life changing experience.

So I proceeded to find out more about the 'illegal immigrant' jobs that I could pick up during my 'illegal stay'. Well, The plan was to go in with a tourist visa and then overstay. Such a big risk to take for the girl I love... heh...

Well, the very first thing that my friends who came back told me was, "It used to be a good 7 quid per hour of part-timing. Flipping burgers, waiting on tables, and stuff like that. But now, the Chinese Nationals have made it rather hard to do. They come into the UK and are willing to work for 3 quid an hour. That equates to around 36 RMB!!!"

And because of them, we are finding it difficult to enter into the UK as well. Last time, Malaysians need to go through such a hassle as to apply for a visa to visit the UK. But since the 9/11 bombings and the mess that the Chinese Nationals have made, it just got difficult.


So... When the thought came to mind, I will indeed find it difficult to enter an country if the Immigration Dept actually allocated a few officers who speak your native language at the passport checks!

So if you're entering a certain country, and the Immigration Officer talks to you in Mandarin or Bahasa, you know you're as good as home...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The New Year

My favourite time of year.

This is always the time for me to settle down after the Christmas fiasco and contemplate about what I want to achieve in the coming year(s).

Well, this Christmas period has been one of the most exciting for me. During this short period of 1-2 weeks, so much has been put into place for my future. In a sense, now, every piece of the puzzle can now be put into action. All it takes now is just proper planning and a lot of hard work.

So, I got confirmed a few days before Christmas. And for the first time in my life, I am making more than my girlfriend. She also got confirmed, but she won't be getting any increment until sometime next year. Then, I got myself the long awaited corner piece in my life's puzzle: My very own place to stay. And with this final piece in place, all the other plans that have been put on hold have now been taken up and cna be put into place.

It's all happening so fast! With the purchase of this apartment in itself, I am now able to plan for so many things in life; Marriage, family life, gathering my sisters together under the same roof, planning for my parents' retirement, my aunt that's gonna stay with us. Everything!

So it begins... 2006 will be a year of HARD WORK for me and my girlfriend.

Marriage plans will have to be proposed to our parents, dates and deadlines will have to be set, we need to keep fit and get in shape so that we will look better in the photos, then there's the planning for the new apartment to be done. Finances need to be consolidated, budgets need to be put into action, a lot of plans, a lot of things to be done and achieved.

Whao! It seems that I have a very VERY very exciting year ahead.

So help me God...

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My Burden & My Joy

Here's the pictures, as promised:

Mock-up of the Apartment Complex.

Welcome: View of the show unit from the Front Door. Cupboard on the left is meant for shoes. Will need to put a lock on that thing if we were to keep the thieves out.

The Living Area: Big, comfy and nice. All it needs is a 2hps Air-conditioning system. Gilrfriend Posing for Efffect

The Master Bedroom from outside the door. It's so big.

The Master Bedroom from Inside: Can put two comfy chairs & a side table sommore!! Beside the Make-up table, is a huge HUGE built-in wardrobe. *Lions and witches not included.

Room 2: As big as the Master, but no bathroom attached.

Room 3: Still can put two individual beds!!!

Room 4: This is the smallest room, next to the kitchen, and will probably smell of smoke if someone's cooking outside...

This is how the kitchen looks like, as you turn left at the Main Entrance. Outside of it, you will see the yard (again). I just love the kitchen. You don't get such a big kitchen like this in an apartment anywhere!

Next, we move on to the Yard: It's HUGE!!! Loads of space to move around.

Another view of the Yard

This is the Dining Area where the food will be served. Behind me is the Living Area.

*Pictures taken by me, I lazy to strike them off with my blog signature. Design & Decor by the Marketing Team who sold me the place.

The Malaysian Economy Mentality.

Everyone's out to make a quick buck. Or reap a cheap benefit.

I was at the cafeteria of a shopping complex yesterday for a late lunch and the queue was LoooOOOOoooong....

Well, my girlfriend and I saw that and figured it'll take a good 10-15 mintues worth of waiting in line before we could get anything shoved into our mouths. So we decided to queue up together, instead of one of us getting a table and the other queueing up.

It is times like these that you get to see the integrity of the Malaysian public.

Well, here's the story... maybe you can tell me the moral of it by the end...

My girlfriend and I were happily queueing up in line for a good 5 minutes and the line just wouldn't move. Well, the 'self-service' cafe was full and the food supply chain was stretched. Well, typical for a shopping complex of such fame and magnitude. So...

In came this aunty budging through the line to get a tray and cup, and proceed to manouver her way against the line... So we thought, "Wah, is she not even paying for the cup of coffee/tea?"

Then, she proceeded to take her tray and cup, and walked in through the exit/payment counter into the food collection area!

I know she must be thinking to herself, "Well, I'm in here for only a piece of cake and a cup of free-flow coffee, and it's just a small deal, so I need not wait in line like those who are here for a full-meal."


Useless, uncivilised, and crude people.

Then, after we got our meals, we proceeded to find ourselves a spot to park our butts. The entire floor was literally littered with people 'waiting for their partners in crime who were waiting in the line'. Like... can't they see that the line is THAT long and it'll take a good 15 minutes before your partner(s) will come back with the food! AND CAN'T YOU SEE THAT A PERSON CAN FINISH A MEAL IN THAT PERIOD OF TIME!!!???? Like, because they are parked there, other people have to search franticly for a free table, and that takes time... customers could have gotten themselves happily fed and oout of the way faster if it was not for these 'parkers'... So what benefit do you have by parking yourself at a 'good' table? You are just hogging the place and restricting traffic!

No wonder we have so many uncalled-for traffic jams around this joint.

Can't help it, but I do have to admit that us, Malaysians, have no regard for civic-consciousness, are babaric, uncivilised and self-justifying. We are all a product of technological advancement without any room for morals. First World Facilities, Third World Mentality.

This is saddening.

I got naughty last week...

This might be a shocker... But I got myself an apartment.

Tried to load the images up but I seem to have met with a few problems. Sigh.. oh well... poor old you would just have to imagine the showhouse... :)

It's very nice and I reached a decision to get it within the hour. I called my parents, they trusted my taste, and we went ahead with the booking. Now, all I need to do is to wait for the loan to be approved.

Here's a little description: It's 1245sq.ft, and the rooms are HUGE!! It's a smart use of space and everything is where it should be. The best thing that convinced my girlfriend and I are the kitchen and yard! It is THAT BIG!!! I mean, I live in a 890sq.ft apartment now and we find it hard to stuff our furniture around the place, but this apartment, we seem to have a different kind of problem. A pleasent one. "How to fill up all the empty spaces in the apartment?"

Well, it'll set me back a whopping RM200K, but it's spread over 30years... So I am praying for a miracle to happen. :)

Well, I need to get myself into some REAL work now, no snaking around, if I were to get enough moolah to finance the place.

No more snaking around... (well, not much anyways... heheheheh)

Will try to upload the photos later in the day.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas...

Well, this is the First Christmas for

So ...


I'll see you guys on Tuesday!!!

Public (illegal?) Auction

I hereby wish to put up a Brand New Nokia 3120 for sale.

(No, not the 3210; the old brick that was the world's first antenna-less phone)

RM350 neg.

Any takers?

Bidding will commence in the Comments Area...

Excellence Vs EQ?

Something in me struck a chord this morning.

I used to have the spirit of excellence in me. Everything has to be perfect, everything has to be done well. But now, since I have come out to work, I have become more conscious of the people around me.

I have been boosting on my EQ that I have forgone my inner drive to perfection. Not that it's not good, but it have become a problem as now, I have lost my drive to do well. I have become a people pleaser instead of having the spirit to excel.

I used to be a Sergeant in The Boys' Brigade (BB), and it is indeed true that once you're in the BB, you get BB blood runninig through your veins. And thinking back, I used to be a hard man. A VERY HARD MAN...

So hard until people cannot follow me willingly. I am forceful, strict, and authoritarian. But now, I have learnt to get everyone to work as a group, to make everyone happy in a sense. Maybe a little too much.

There's this thing about balance that is not very easy to achieve. Imagine yourself standing in the middle of the see-saw, and try balancing yourself on it, trying not to fall to either side. You will find yourself constantly moving to keep your balance.

That tells us balance is a very liquid issue. You can't achieve balance and think "There. That's it. I've done it." It's simply liquid. You have to maintain it. You will simply be thrown off to one side if you don't keep yourself in check and 'maintain' the balance you've achieved.

So... put yourself on a see-saw and try it out.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I got confirmed..

It was in the cards already that this company's a keeper.

The good thing about this joint is that the bosses are good. They lookout (and i mean REALLY lookout) for thier staff. Since I've been here from mid-September, there have been endless tea-time snacks, feasts, treats during lunch, more feasts, a company trip, and during last night's Christmas/Chinese Thanksgiving Dinner, everyone of the staff got a 'lucky draw gift' that was worth around RM450 EACH!!! My colleagues got an LG DVD player, Gift Vouchers to Isetan (RM450), an Esprit watch (VERY NICE!!!), and I got a Brand New Handphone!

Well, not that I was looking for one anyways, but this gesture tells me that they are not shy on staff benefits, and this can only be good. They also declared that all the staff will get 1 month's bonus, and that I will also get a pro-rated share! I'm like, WHAO!!!

So now, my dilemma is whether to keep or sell the phone. I am using two very old phones now, one was bought a good two years ago when my trustee Nokia 3210 broke down, and the other one, I 'stole' from my girlfriend when she bought her new Sony Ericsson. Now, I have a brand new Nokia 3120.

Which to sell??? or which to keep???

After all that's said and done, I do want to thank God for looking out for me. Really...

The only problem now, how to burn off the fat that I accumulted from all the year-end feasting, so that I'll look fit during Chinese New Year.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas: Imposing Christian Values?

The meaning of todays' Christmas has been so dilluted that most people out there have lost the true meaning of Christmas. And yet, there are people out there that thinks Christmas is solely a Christian Event, and thus should not be imposed on others. Thus, a proposal to change the name of the festivity from 'Christmas' to 'Holiday Season'. (Re:

Well, people throughout the world do know that Christmas is a time to remember Christ's birth and it's a festival Christians from all over the world celebrate. So what's the problem?

Because it's been celebrated worldwide, it is deemed to be an imposing event? That people throughout the world are 'forced' into celebrating Christmas and this practise will affect the faiths of other people practising other religions?

I mean, "C'mon!"

Even pronouncing the word 'Christmas' is seen as imposing the Christian Faith on those who do not practise the faith?

What is this world coming to?

So by this we are implying that we would like to see more and more of religious names being changed to 'politically correct' terms so that they will not impose anything on non-believers? If we do change Christmas to 'Holiday Season', then 20 years down the line, no one will remember what Christmas was! The same will go for any other name of any other festivity! Take away the name, and the festival loses its soul. Then why would we still want to celebrate something that brings no meaning?

What will 'Holiday Season' mean without 'CHRISTmas'? Isn't it hereditary that we celebrate the Birth of Christ without mentioning the Name of Christ? Then maybe we should celebrate Independance Day without Independance!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This Christmas

Chistmas is the time for giving and forgiving. (Ripped this off some song that I used to sing when I was around 10 years young.)

However, yesterday, when I was in the LRT, I met this girl, who had a problem with her limbs, buying bagfuls of Christmas gifts. She had trouble with her hands and fingers and possibly the nerves on her face. So she had problems with putting down her shopping bags onto the floor and picking them up again. From her name-tag, I saw she that she was working at a local daily. I salute her. Even with her disparity, she was able to make her own living, and afford bagfuls of gifts for her friends.

Then i looked at myself. My body is working perfectly, and I am groaning about how bad life is?

People out there have been looking forward to Christmas because they are expecting a gift or two. So, I thought to myself. What about those who are not as fortunate as us. Those whose lives are without hope, without any form of security whatsoever. So, this Christmas, I would like to be thankful of:

1. My own life ~ I am living in relative happiness, no health problems and I am living lilfe without any complications.
2. My financial position ~ However hard I find it difficult to survive in this concrete jungle, I can still afford to pay for my own food.
3. My family ~ Although they are far away, but they are still close to my heart.
4. My Girlfriend ~ She is just simply the best. My support, my strength.
5. My friends ~ They are true friends who are there to help whenever I need them. We do not use one another for personal gain. (Maybe I'm being naive; Hopefully not.)

And this Christmas, I would like to draw attention to these:
1. The poor ~ For they do not know whether they will have food to eat tonight.
2. The sick ~ (Especially those who are struggling with difficult to treat conditions) For they do not know whether they will survive this Christmas.
3. The disabled ~ For they have a hard enough life. It's not easy to gain parity with the non-disabled counterparts.
4. The homeless ~ For they have nothing but the clothes on their backs.
5. The hopeless ~ For that is the worst predicament a person can find himself in.

Life without hope is a life not worth living.

People lose the will to live when they have nothing to look forward to. That's why, this Christmas, let's all show the world some love and sow seeds of good hope. Think of the things you have, and be thankful. Then when you see those who do not have, give them a helping hand. For that is the true meaning of Christmas.

Show them someone still cares; that there is still some good in this harsh and cruel world.

For the Christ came to seek and save the lost.

Seek out those who have lost hope. And be a saviour this Christmas.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Friendship is a very weird thing

Well, thinking back on the things that happened last night at the little party, I got to meet quite a few new friends.

Then it struck me this morning. Some people nowadays treat acquaintences as friends eventhough they don't know each other that well.

Something that my boss taught me, (well, tried to drill into me) is that we must do networking if we want to survive in this harsh business world. And a few tricks of the trade is that we must know how to drink, and smoke if possible.

But come to think of it, some people just like to go to gatherings to meet 'friends'!

The don't care if they make a fool out of themselves, they don't care if they don't belong, and they don't care what people might think of them. They are just there to network, and to make use of one another!

I'm not sure how long this tradition goes, but it is the general view out there! If you want to be successful in business, you'll need friends whom you can use.

Then when I look back at the church, I realise that it's not entirely bad. At least, up until today, people don't simply go to church to make contacts so that they gain more business somehow, maybe there are, but they aren't doing it out-right as if it's justifiable.

So, that got me thinking again. Is it all that is out there? People making friends so that they can use them and be used by them? Then perhaps, I am not really interested in making such a friend.

Can't we be friends who become real REAL friends? Like friends who look out for each other, who takes care of each other, who know what being a friend in need is all about? Instead of being a friend to everyone just because they hold an interest to your business, but when you are really in the rut, they disappear?

Good Morning!

Ahhh... came back from a good two days of 'nothing-to-do-ness' at an island resort. It was a relaxing and refreshing trip, although it rained and rained and rained till no end, but we did get to go for some sight seeing, and photo taking. Wish I could post some of the photos up, but I do need to keep an air of anonymity here. Apologies.

Well, spending 1 weekend without any responsibility was indeed a refreshing thing to do. My life has been filled with endless things to do all the time. And doing nothing for a change gives me this 'free' feeling which I have not experienced for a good year or so. Imagine 52++ weekends of non-stop slaving for the church, while 52 x 5 (and a half) days of slaving for money. It is indeed a tough life as a small-time leader in church. Imagine the Pastors!


Well druing this trip, I was reintroduced to the roller coaster ride of a speedboat threading through rain and 1-1.5 metre swells, the jaccuzzi and suana, and beachside BBQ Buffet!

I managed to add an inch to my waist in just two days, and now, i'm rushing against time to get 'fitter' for Chinese New Year. Every year when I go back to my hometown, I get comments like, "Wah, you got fat ah?" Well, I have been in this state for a good 5 years now. And forgive me if you can't shake off the image of this lean kid that left for the shores of materialism 5 years ago, and proclaim me as fat! Well, I'm not entirely fat per se, a bit plump but not fat. I have flabs here and there, but you can't really classify me as 'fat'. Slightly overweight would be the politically correct term. And as far as I can remember, I have been maintaining this weight for a good 3 years now.


Well, coming back, I had to rush back to Subang/Sunway for this big carolling event that a few of our cells have organised. A good 15 new friends joined us in lighting up the entire apartment complex and I think most residents felt the Christmas cheer as our choruses rang through the entire complex. We chose the location firstly because it was an enclosed and rather private area. We sang a good few carols and had a good time together.

I had a good time too. A really good time. Imagine 30++ people singing carols together. WHAO!!!


Now, I'm recharged! Energised! And I'm ready to take on the New Year!


Thursday, December 15, 2005


Something that I realised today.

Well, I was stuck in a jam today, so I took a re-route. I didn't know where I was going, but I turned into a junction that headed to the direction I was headed trusting that all roads are linked up in KL.

If you are a local in the Subang area, this happened at the Subang airport road heading towards the Federal highway.

I went to get my car from EON Glenmarie (service centre) and I was heading to Kelana Jaya LRT Station. So instead of the normal way of coming out of Glenmarie from the Subang Parade thereabouts, I proceeded to try out the Subang Airport route. And to my horror, the jam was a good 3-4km's long!!!

So I took a left turn at a junction, knowing that Kelana Center Point was in that direction and if I could get myself anywhere near there, I would be able to twist my way to the LRT Station. So I turned in and got myself into another jam. Well, just my luck, but it's not as bad as the first jam, so, no harm done. Just that I didn't know where I was going. I simply followed the crowd. Heck, if there are so many cars going towards that direction, I couldn't be wrong.

So in the midst of the jam, I was a hapy camper, slowly following the double sided road, waiting in line, making sure I don't bump into the car in front of me. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, I realise that there was a car that over took me from the left side!!! The road has become a double lane.

Then it struck me. I have lost my focus on the destination ahead. I have been focusing on the car in front, making sure that I will not bump into it that I have lost my focus of the final destination. My focus has been changed and narrowed until I didn't see the double lane next to me. If I had saw that earlier, I would've overtaken a good 20-30 cars in front of me!!!

So, in life, sometimes, we do lose focus of our final destination. When our focus shifts from the destination to the journey, then we lose sight of the opportunities that presents itself right beside us!

So, ask yourself, where are you heading today? Are you just driving and trying to avoid hitting the car that's in front of you or are you clear about where you're going?

The Last Day of Work?


Tomorrow will be the day we head out for the company trip!

It's not met with any less drama though. My girl fell sick last night. Fever, dizziness, sore-throat, the usual lot that comes with the common flu. So it's a bit worrying whether we'll be able to enjoy ourselves during the trip. There's gonna be a BBQ Buffet for our first dinner, and I don't think she'll be able to enjoy it.

I guess you can't have everything can't you? Maybe it's Karma? Too much of the good, and bad comes along to balance things up?

Well, more BBQ Buffet for me then.. hehehehehe


Since this is the time for bloggers to roam around the world for their year end holidays, I too will join the club, therefore, there won't be any posting tomorrow. Business will resume on Monday.

Till then.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wednesday Nothingness...

Living life as it were is already a hassle.

Why can't we all try to make it better?

Sent my car off to the service centre today. On one side, I'll be a good RM150 poorer, but on the other side, I'm looking forward to the company trip that's scheduled for this Friday. It has been really long since the last time I got the chance to go out of town. So much so that I have forgotten the real meaning of 'Rest' an 'Relax'. Responsibilities are a burden that takes most out of our bodies. A task is a task and will only remain as that because as soon as you've finished the task, you are absolved from it.

But responsibility is something that follows you to your sleep, when you're bathing, even when you're doing nothing!

If I am responsible for this group of people, then i am responsible for them all the days of my life, as long as I am not reliquished of my duties. If I am responsible to the job, then whenever something crocks up, even in the middle of the night, I have to take care of it.

So, for this weekend, I am reliquishing my responsibility for 3 days.

And I only hope that I won't have anyhting to worry about.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Carollers and Carolling...

We had our first night out last night. So it got me thinking...

Nowadays, chances are, you get to see a group of probably 7 odd people moving around in two sedans, carrying a guitar, singing carols at your neighbours' apartments.

That got me to look back to 10 years ago. Back then, the Church only sent out those who were properly trained to sing carols. But nowadays, we've been called to bring forth the Good News of God's salvation to man in our respective small groups. We've been going out in groups of 7 odd each year. It's a big enough task to try to get a full attendance, what more get 'good enough' singers.

Back then, we had to go through proper choir practises in order to be eligible to sing. And we were allocated into teams of around 15 people each. All of us could sing properly and we were all accustomed to the standard operating procedures of carolling. Thus, we, carollers were treated like 'professionals'. Every other house we visited would prepare a stunning meal or some marvelous finger food and drinks for the carollers. Because the host of homes that we visit could see the time and effort that we put into the event, they duly prepared good food for all the carollers.

But nowadays, since the Church decided to do things through cell group, the tradition has somewhat died down. Some cell groups consist of a miserly 5 people, and sometimes, half of them cannot sing properly. So that leaves the group with what, 2 singers? I have to sorrily say that the quality of music has dropped. Maybe it's because of the tenacity of the Church's growth that we weren't able to train enough people in time. So most of us have been training separately. And this has caused a very sharp decline in the quality of the music.

And the audience see that. Sometimes I feel that it is starting to look as if we're not putting our effort into presenting the Good News properly. It's not that we are not putting effort into it. But the system has allowed this to happen. It is a fact that not everyone can sing well. And if so happened that your cell has really no talent in the singing department, then you are simply not representing the Good News in any good light. Not that I am saying God cannot work through these groups, but yet, to the uninformed, it does look as if it's a half-hearted effort; a team put together just to meet an objective, disregarding quality. (On a lighter note: Maybe that's why the quality of the food we get from the houses we visit also deteriorated.)

That's why, this year, when the 'Queen' was away, I instigated that we go out in a massive group. So that with more in numbers, we would be able to cover each other's flaws. Then, in a group that is rightly manageable, we could have so much fun. People encourage people. That's the concept of church; That when brethren dwell together in unity, it can only be good.

People go for sensationalism. It's in our blood because we've been brought up in front of the tv set. And tv's only promote such things. So... maybe it's time to go back to the traditions of years past and rekindle a spirit of excellence instead of simply going for 'more coverage' and sacrifice quality.

Of course to those blessed groups who can sing well with only 4 people, then I rest my case. However, how many of us can do that?

Normal vs Abnormal...

I saw this funny couple in the LRT today. It not that they were a funny duet, but the balance in power of the existing patriachal societal systems are now being blurred.

Well, not that we should judge by looks alone, but it is indeed something that destabalised me a bit. The couple walked into the train hand in hand. At first sight, the girl was dressed in high-powered business clothes, and had accessories that puts her as a young executive earning probably around RM2.8K a month. Probably more. Her boy was in a more hip-hop mood, I should say; Ski cap, t-shirt, rough slacks and boots. Y'know, the rapper wannabe kind of clothes...

Well, the imbalance in fashion was striking! Super casual vs. Super Executive. And they were practically (almost) making out in the train. Talk about destabalising fashion, and attracting more attention to themselves.

Put me on as a Chauvanistic Pig, but there's this thing that's so destabling about this. Outwardly, she is potentially earning more than her boyfriend. For me, I would have none of it! Even if I did earn less than my girlfriend, I would not degrade her as such. If she's dressed up, I would also dress up to 'suit' her (at least a bit). If were the guy, I would almost certainly dress a little more better than the girl.

Let's talk about two stereotypes here. The girl displays herself as a well brought person, properly groomed, has an air of confidence in her, and would probably make it big in the harsh corporate lands of the metropolis.

The guy however, dressed as if he was a bummer, doing nothing significant with his life. Like he was eating off the crumbs that fell from the girl's table, while assuring her that he will one day get his big break with a major recording label, or turn famous over night when he wins the hip-hop dance championships.

Well, the only benefit of a doubt that I can throw the couple was that the guy was some artist that's earning loads and loads of money in royalty fees or something like that.

Well, that's a bit of real life story for you. Not that there's any necessary truth in my observations above...

But it made me realise ~ When we watch tv, we would like to go for the 'abnormal'. But when we get the same act in real life, we tend to react to it like we've just swallowed a bitter substance.

Maybe it's the lack of background music from the speakers that has set the wrong tone for me.

Monday, December 12, 2005

I've been fairly busy...

Just when I thought that the clients burst their budget and have stopped giving us jobs, the going got tough.

Well, in actual fact, I haven't had the time to do much of anyhting else except work and organising. This business of Christmas is really starting to get to me. Rushing here and there for this and that, making decisions (informed and uninformed)... Trying to make everyone happy... LIfe's difficult.

Everything's happening at the same time. Although, some priorities should be set, but yet, everything needs its due attention.

Went to see the apartment that I was talking about... Liked the renovations made by the owner, but in the end, it is a 2-room apartment. And that I cannot accept. If it was my own money, and my own usage, then probably, I wouldn't have thought twice about putting in a deposit. But it's gonna be a family house. A 'gift' of sorts from my parents to me and my two sisters... Well, although I'll be the one doing most of the installments, my sisters shall have the luxury of claiming a room each for themselves. Afterall, they're family. And Family must stick together. Remember O'hana?

Well, this business of getting my own apartment has gotten me thinking whether I can live with a family once again. The feuds, the little ticks here and there, the problems of 'co-habitation' and who gets the control of the tv set... sigh.. life must go on...

Then there's this business of getting married. Will my future wife be able to co-habitat with my sisters? Will there be a power struggle that will leave me caught in the middle?

And with that, comes the imminent mad, mad rush of the marriage ceremony. Hopefully, with a bit of luck, we can get it done by the end of next year. Friends are already way up our backs trying to get us hitched earlier. And there's this pressure of trying to get everyone to come for the wedding. To hold the wedding reception dinner here for our friends, and also back in the hometown for the family. Our relationship is one of the 'grandest' and longest running dramas in the church, and everyone is waiting for the 'happy ending'...

There's also the business of accomodating my youngest sister. She'll be coming over for tertiary education by the end of this month. Her room needs to be booked, and then there's this ordeal of getting her settled down. And the apartment should also be ready for her to move in by the next semester, which is around April/May.

Then there's the immediate needs of the Church, Cell Group, and Worship Team. Christmas is just round the corner and there's so much to be done. Once we're finished with the entire ordeal of carolling and Christmas Celebrations, there will be a time of reflection and vision casting for the new year. And I'm leading songs on the 24th and 31st nights...

Then there's also the business of getting the cell to gel as one again after the long break.

The car needs to be serviced, money involved. AGAIN...

Then there's my impending confirmation in this company. I've been here for 3 months to the dot now. And if they confirm me, i'll stay for a good few years more, hopefully.

Speaking of which, now I am involved in writing a short newsletter with a friend of mine. A little extra for the lean times.

Saving up for marriage.

Saving up for the apartment.

Saving up for the new church building.

Improve myself with other skills if possible.

Getting myself ready for the next phase of life.

Sigh... I get tired just looking at the list. Hope I didn't bore you.

And sorries if I am not posting on time. It's a busy period y'know...

Till then...

Friday, December 09, 2005

Some clients are just looking for it...

I got so busy yesterday with this client of mine that was a pain up the rectum!

He came in breifed the team, and then eve got my mobile number!

Well, that's not the point. At first he sounded like he knew what he want. The job was simple. He brought samples of an Ad that he wanted to do, asked us to do a similar layout, and replace accordingly. Well, that's the easy part.

He wanted me to write copy for him that is direct, selling his product's 'Unique Selling Points' but yet sounds classy. It's like I want a promo ad that sounds classy. It's like trying to tell you that there's a 90% discount without spelling the 90% out. Find me hot ice and i'll do it for you. I hate it when clients get that way. Whatever you write for them will be rejected, and yet when you ask them whether there's some particular word that they prefer or would like to hear, they'll say to you, "That's your job! If I knew how to write, would I require your services?" But then when you present to them the few options that you slave out from the deep resources of your brain for the entire afternoon, they'll reject it and say that your direction is wrong. Then they proceed to give you the 'required' terminologies'... Like if you're so freaking good, just write it yourself lah! I'll be more than willing to proof read!

And he had the nerve to call back after 2 hours and say,

"Call me on my mobile when you have something. I want to make sure that the copy is good, then you can proceed. Don't hesitate to call me anytime. I'm sure you guys are working late right?"

I'm like... ARGH!!!... Who the hell is this guy that dictates how much time I spend at the office? So what if we work late? Does that give you the convenience to press us like that? All because you're the freaking client, and you're paying our bills? Hell NO!!

Lucky for us, the boss told us that he's not too interested in this piece of business also. So we left as soon as we finished off a few things.

But still, that got me into a mad rush last night. I arrived at cell group 5 minutes late.

I thank God for giving me good employers... THis company's a keeper... Now... I only need to make myself useful around here.. Not too useful... just enough...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Due to some shit that I need to attend to...

I will not be able to focus on writing anything today...

maybe later...

for now...

[Addendum 1 hour later...]

This AirAsia Fiasco is beginning to annoy me A LOT!!!

Well, 2 million free tickets in an "ALL YOU CAN FLY if you can afford to pay the airport tax" has gotten the entire Malaysian population and those who frequent the skyways via AirAsia all clicking and re-clicking the poor mouse. Everyone wants a piece of cheap travel.

AFter an entire afternoon deidcating a window to the much over-loaded site, I got tickets for a mid-year holiday next year when i reached home... RM160 for a return trip for 2 people. Happy...

Then, my mom called... "Get a ticket for your aunt eh...". "She hasn't been to KL for the past 10 years liao!"

So the whole process starts all over again for me...

[Continuation from the Addendum but on a different topic]

Well, getting my apartment is looking really solid now. went over more details with my mom about financing, renovations, and even the big 'M' word...

Yeah... Marriage has been on the card for quite a few years now... The fellas in church have been 'supportive' and 'forcefully' asking (and re-asking) "When's the big day?" "When will you guys bomb us?" "What are youguys waiting for?"

So there you go.. the first hints of the Big 'M' word... right here.. right now... And Mom is supportive! So... God is answering my long time prayer. The pieces of the puzzle's coming into the frame now...

So... this is a call for help... For those who have experienced the whole she-bang of getting married, please give me a few tips... what to do, how to negotiate with the In-laws, tips on how to choose a best man... I need help!!!


right... now leave me... i'll need to go back to clicking and re-clicking the AirAsia site...

the things i do for Family...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A time to Re-focus...

Focus... I just got it two months ago... and now I've just lost it.

It's something of a mystery really. Two months ago, I had this sense of destiny in my life. Now suddenly, it's gone!

My writing sucked, the quality of my discussions plummetted, and I come to the office not knowing what's going to happen next!

Well, I've been sitting around this snake-pit of an office for almost 3 months now, and it looks likely that i'll be confirmed as a permanent staff. However, my hopes aren't high. In the end, the mentality here is still "We're a design house." Clients treat us like that, and we can't break across as any other. Our biggest client is keeping the business tight, with lots of demands and lots of projects. We simply don't have the time to get new business. Besides most of these projects don't require the services of a full-fledge copywriter. Just a proof reader.

So, my appointment here isn't that solid afterall. There's this risk that one day, I would be told to leave simply because they have no need for my services. The clients are used to writing their own copy, and thus, have a tendency to disregard whatever I write because I 'do not understand their business properly.'

And then, the briefs given by the clients to my bosses are really simple. A'la "Take this project, design something, and we'll review it in 3 days."

Seriously, there's not much to be done here...

Well, coming back to focus.

Life has been rather meaningless now. Everything seems to amount to nothing. Plans are always being made, there's a future to look forward to, lots of politics here and there, but it's all bleak!

Suddenly, the euphoria of getting my very own apartment has hit rock bottom, considering the financial strain that it may bring to the entire family. But it is a necessity. If I don't get the apartment, then my marriage plans have to be put on hold for a longer period. If I get the apartment, I don't think I'll have the financial strength to save up for a marriage. Besides, since that my sisters are all here, it only makes sense not to put the family's money into someone else's account.

It's frustrating when the ability to earn wealth is tied tightly to the time factor. Sometimes it makes me really wonder: "I am working a 9 hour job, only to use the remainder of the day to serve the church, having next to no time for other means of income, but yet, 1 job is not enough for a guy to survive in this harsh and barren dessert of an economy. My friend came back from Aussie and told me this superb realisation. She said, "If we take on part-time jobs, we make RM4.50/hour here and a tube of toothpaste costs RM6.00. I can make AUS$5.00/hour and a tube of the same toothpaste costs AUS$2.00."

We have to work practically 2 hours to earn a tube of toothpaste, whilst in other economies, you work an hour for 2 tubes, and still get change for the bus ride home!

So that's why I'm so poor...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas Carols

I'm kind of in-charge for this Carolling Night that the church is instigating and momentum is really catching up!

Nice... singing Christmas carols and all.

I am officially excited about it! it's gonna be so much fun.

We'll be having a BIG one in Sunway/Subang at my apartment complex. It's gonna be a pool-side dinner party where we gather around to sing carols. The team is so big that it's almost a guarantee that the entire complex will hear! That is really GREAT stuff. So, if you're anywhere near Sunway, and you pass by this loud and incomprehensable group of carollers by the swiming pool of an apartment complex, it's US!!! hehehehehe The event wil lbe held on the 18th, the Sunday after this Sunday, and it's gonna be so cool!

Then, a few days before and after that, we'll be heading towards our friends houses to bring the joys of Christmas to them.

Christmas is settling in nicely for me so far.

After all that hard work, there'll be a Christmas dinner for me and my friends :)

That is something that I've been looking forward to, and something that will be a tradition in my books. Grilled Lamb, Wine, Salads, reminiscing about the year that's past, and looking forward to the new year. It's gonna be a blast!

Vitamins A - Z?

Funny title, I know...

Well, I was this happy camper (sometimes, sleeping in the LRT helps the 30 minute of nothing-to-do-ness) In the LRT this morning and I caught this vitamin themed train. What caught my attention was, the ads in the train were rightfully this Vitamin Company's.

So, the product is deemed to be a 'Multi-Vitamin' supplement. Take one a day, and your problems will seemingly go away! The grips hanging from the support bars were filled with 'info' ads that told you about what certain vitamins would do to you, how it would improve your energy, health and the whole thing.

So, it suddenly struck me: Why are we driving ourselves to the grave to earn money, and buy such vitamins as a supplement to our health so that we can work harder and earn even more money to buy more supplements to improve our health?

Why hasn't it dawn on us that a healthy lifestyle can be gained if everyone worked normal and standard working hours, and that working long hours doesn't mean productive?

If management can make less 'sudden' decisions, causing employees to work over-time, or that employees could be able to work a standard 9am -5pm everyday, then we wouldn't need to buy such supplements just to keep up with the pace of our jobs.

My girlfriend's department was asking for pitches from suppliers recently for Recruitment ads (She works in the HR dept.) and this fella came in and told her and her colleagues that they were able to provide a service with almost instant turn-around time! Normally, the film for the Ads would need to be handed over to the editors at least 3 day before the insertion. And this fella promises an insertion on Saturday even if the information is given to him on Thursday! This is crazy!!! I mean I applaud this fella's efficiency, but with an employer like that, his employees might as well live in the office. This is seemingly putting oneself into unnecessary pressure! And it is this kind of 'competitiveness' that is driving employees to buy such 'vitamin supplements'. Simply because they can't survive in such a corporate world without the extra energy, and vitamins.

I mean I've worked in a company where the boss will promise the clients almost anything possible, and drove his employees to work over-time everyday. But we had never had to deal with this kind of shit! The fella gave a promise of being able to change things even after the deadline!

So, if you're an employer, and you're reading this, THINK ABOUT IT !!! Your employees will die in a few years time, and you'd have to look for new untrained employees to continue in this business. I know of a few friends who wouldn't hink twice when it comes to slaving themselves to Money, but some companies just take it too far.


Monday, December 05, 2005

Excitement for the Soul

Well, things are really looking up now.

I just went out to see the clients and got a brief. I saw first hand how the whole she-bang works; How my bosses meet with the clients, what gets discussed over the brief, how the clients are treated, and how the advertising world revolves.

In the words of my boss, Advertising money is not hard to find. All you need is a single contact, and you'll get jobs. Of course, some jobs are dog's work, whilst others are just pure mindless ones, but looking for business isn't at all difficult.


One a more personal note, I am now officially looking out for an apartment. Went over the details with my parents and they have promised to sponsor the downpayment. Well, I'm excited in a sense that it's the corner piece to the puzzle of my "long-awaited" marriage with my girlfriend of 7 years.

However, it's a little depressing when I got a message from my mom indicating how much my parents are prepared to sponsor me. Not that the amount matters, but that I had used their hard-earned money once again. It felt somehow melancholic.

On one side, I'm happy to be able to settle down at last, after 5-6 years of wandering around the concrete desert, living like a nomad, not wanting to buy any fixed assets. Living with a preparation to move out anytime deemed necessary.

Well, everything is still in the planning stage as yet. But hopes are high. There are a few units on sale at the apartment complex where I stay now, and I like the place. A 890sq.ft apartment with 3 rooms. It's a bit on the old side, but not anything that a little money thrown into renovations can't fix. Besides, it's the perfect size and price for a young guy like me. Small enough to manage with my hectic lifestyle, but big enough to fit in my family. There'll be three rooms, so there'll be a room for every one of my siblings...

However, it does feel a tad saddening that I have yet burdened my parents with such a demand. Coming out with downpayment would have disturbed their financial planning here or there. I onl;y wonder where they got the money from. I hope they didn't need to sell something that's close to their heart for the money.

But then, since my youngest sister will be coming over to study in KL, it would be good to have a place of our own. Since the amount paid on rent by me and my parents (for my sisters) will amount to around the monthly installment for an apartment, it's only sensible.

Now... the next biggest task is to do some 'room allocation' with the future wife.



Monday Morning!!

Well, this is one of the very few incidences that I wake up on a Monday fully awake!

I've been having trouble sleeping lately. Couldn't get my brain to shut down until I've worn myself out with some mindless activities, e.i. watching tv, vcds, rolling on the bed, kicking the air with my feet, counting sheep, EVERYTHING!!!

I just hate it when I can't sleep. My leg muscles will tense up and the entire body will feel uneasy. Then, my brain will tell my body that it's very tired, but the legs will tell the mind that it's uncomfortable.

But somehow, with all that, I woke up today with a jump and a spring in my step. Maybe it's because my "Caution! Driver Asleep" yellow sign that I hung on the rear window of my car broke off yesterday. So now, whenever you see me in my car, it's confirmed that I am not asleep. Anymore.

Ah... Whatever... A mindless post.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Woes...

I've been caught up with so many things the past few days that I have forgotten that today is Friday. I should be welcoming the weekend with open arms.

I just hate it when life gives you lemons.

I haven't had life as smooth as I would have like it to be. Problems here and there. Boredom in the office. Life is just heading no where!!

Money not enough, sigh. And this is the season of giving and forgiving... and I am in no financial/spiritual situation to do any...

Pressures of life, sickening. Financial independence comes at a very High Price! Thank goodness for Credit Cards. If not, I would've died a thousand deaths.

Credit Card woes, melancholic. Buy now, suffer later.

Company prospects, low. Been sitting here doing nothing for almost the entire month of Nov. Not much of a portfolio. Time wasted.

Getting old, and not very productive. Time and tide stops for no man.


A lot of things to be done. A lot of responsibility need to be dealt with. And a lot of expectations need to be met...


Christmas joy my foot...

I am difficult...

The title says it all.

I am difficult to work with,
I am difficult to talk with,
I am difficult to understand, and
I am difficult to live with.

I seriously don't understand.

Are men that difficult to predict?
Is it such a mystery that our logic seems incomprehensable?
What is it that makes us so difficult?

We are Predictable.
~ We always do the same things. There's nothing unpredictable in our lives. Women, wine, song, football, games, techy stuff, you'll see a patern in no time! We don't have spending sprees, we are not compulsive shoppers, we eat (a lot), and we place our passions on the top of our foreheads and on the window of our cars. So why is it that our women insist on defying our needs?

We are Emotionless.
~ We simply do not have the need to emote: There's only "Yes" and/or "No". Cross us, and we get angry. Please us, and we'll be happy. Confuse us and we'll be confused. Don't do any of the above, and we'll not be any of the above.

We are Objective Minded.
~ Tell us what you want, and we will follow and fight for your plight with all our ability. Tell us that you want to watch a movie just for the sake of watching a movie, any movie will do, you'll confuse us. Tell us to walk shopping complexes with you just for the sake of walking, you might as well kill us. However, tell us that you need to buy this or that from here or there, we'll be happy to oblige and accompany you no matter how far or wide the place is. If you want to watch a movie, then set which movie you want to watch before approaching us. If you want to go shopping, make sure you really have something to buy; but please don't tell us that you want to go to 1-Utama for a bottle of mineral water, cause the Indian shop outside can also provide such an ammenity.

We are Money Minded.
~ Well, this applies only to those who are chivalrous anyway. Most of us think that it is our responsibility to provide for our woman. It is our responsibility to make sure our woman gets a comfortable life. And this apparently contradicts the woman's will to spend on things we would deem as 'petty'. We will not understand why you would spend half your salary on bags, or earrings, or shoes. Why? Because we are boring and predictable people who have no knack for accessories. Give us clothes on our backs, nice pants (two pairs will do), a couple pairs of shoes, a techy phone, and a nice car, we're done for life. On one hand we try to save up to give our woman a better life, but yet, we get complaints that we are not spending time with them at entertainment outlets. Entertainment costs money. And it is money that we feel is not worth spending. Watching football at home is so much more economical. No unpredictable costs. Pay your fixed Astro bills on time, and voila.

We Segregate our Friends.
~ We are different people when we are with different people. We will be a football fan when we are amongst other football fans. We are soft and tender with our female friends, and we are rough with our mechanic friends. And when we're with our woman, we're simply our woman's man. What's so unpredictable with that?

So.. Tell me.. Why are we still being misunderstood?

Disclaimer: If you do not agree with any of the above and feel that a lot of the stuff written are wrong and borders on being blanket terms and it misrepresents you, then just shut up and stop being 'perasan' cause I wasn't alking about you.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

ATM Failure? Human Stupidity.

It isn't what you think. No, it's not the ATM's failure, and No, it's not the Bank Personnel's stupidity.

Well, I banked in my pay-cheque two days ago and it cleared this morning. Thank God for that! I arrived at LRT station with an expired monthly travel card! I totally forgot that today was the first day of December and my November Travel Card has expired! luckily I had enough cash with me to buy the freak of a RM90 card. Close call #1.

Close call #2: This is embarassing. Well, I figured since I banked-in the cheque two days ago, it would've been cleared by this morning. If not, I would have to either hump the ATM machine and hope that something comes out in due time, or just bang my head against it so that people withdrawing money beside me would feel compassionate towards my plight. Well, I proceeded into taking around 90% of my entire pay out of the machine because I had bills to attend to. So I was a happy banker that I need not wait until the bank opened its ever hungry jaws of a door to do my banking. The ATM would do just fine.

So, out of security, (Chief, I am VERY High-C) I proceeded to count the amount of cash in my hand, just in case. And to my horror, I found that I had apparently been short-changed by the machine by a good RM200.00!!! So I segregated the cash into sections and proceeded to re-count the prescious little cash that I have in my hand. And the result came out the same! Lacking RM200!!!

Since it was about 9.25, I proceeded to wait until the bank opens and was ardent in being the first complainer of the day! I had to venture and manouver two information counters and almost got thrown like a rubber ball from one to the other, like any information counter/service centre in Malaysia, before I got the relevant papers to fill up.

So, I filled-up the complaint papers, and got myself to the designated counter that handled complaints. The bank officer apparently just sat down and had large sheets of paper on his desk. He has a long day ahead of him. Well, as he saw me trying to make eye contact with him, he proceeded to shoo away a sand fly from his stack of info on his desk with a rubber band. We shared a slight 'complimentary' laugh as I applauded his stunt.

Wel, he was nice enough to attend to my problem immediately, and while he was doing the checking on my case on his compurter screen, I took out the stack of money from my pockets and attempted a re-re-count just to make sure. And sure enough, I saw the error when I checked properly. See, when I counted the money at the ATM's I had them folded and counted it like a true professional, holding the folded stack in my hands and using thumbs to mark and turn the leafs. My father was a Cashier for a good 25 years before the 1997 Depression. So, I learned the tricks of the trade. By folding the stack into half, you count until you hit the middle of the stack. How do you know when you have reached the middle of the stack? When you see the sides change and you find His Majesty's face looking at you, somehow...

And sure enough, I came to realise that the ATM Machine was right, and I was wrong. You see, the majority of the money was facing one side and the RM200 was facing the other side. (Imagine one side has the face of His Majesty, and the other side was the depiction of some architectural marvel of Malaysia. So the RM200 had His Majesty's face 'looking' the other way. So when I reached the face, I stopped, thinking I had hit the middle of the stack.

Stupid Humans...

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