Thursday, December 29, 2005

Something I got off the Tele...

Well, I was watching this drama series when this phrase struck me. Therer was this scene that supposedly placed the actor in a foreign airport. And I realised:

"You know you're not getting out of it when the Immigration Officer speaks your language!"

I was chatting with a friend just the other day about 'jumping airplane' to the UK. I actually almost did that when my girlfriend wanted to do her masters in either Liverpool or Nottingham. Because I just graduated back then, and I have had nothing to lose, I figured that it would be a life changing experience.

So I proceeded to find out more about the 'illegal immigrant' jobs that I could pick up during my 'illegal stay'. Well, The plan was to go in with a tourist visa and then overstay. Such a big risk to take for the girl I love... heh...

Well, the very first thing that my friends who came back told me was, "It used to be a good 7 quid per hour of part-timing. Flipping burgers, waiting on tables, and stuff like that. But now, the Chinese Nationals have made it rather hard to do. They come into the UK and are willing to work for 3 quid an hour. That equates to around 36 RMB!!!"

And because of them, we are finding it difficult to enter into the UK as well. Last time, Malaysians need to go through such a hassle as to apply for a visa to visit the UK. But since the 9/11 bombings and the mess that the Chinese Nationals have made, it just got difficult.


So... When the thought came to mind, I will indeed find it difficult to enter an country if the Immigration Dept actually allocated a few officers who speak your native language at the passport checks!

So if you're entering a certain country, and the Immigration Officer talks to you in Mandarin or Bahasa, you know you're as good as home...


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