Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Malaysian Economy Mentality.

Everyone's out to make a quick buck. Or reap a cheap benefit.

I was at the cafeteria of a shopping complex yesterday for a late lunch and the queue was LoooOOOOoooong....

Well, my girlfriend and I saw that and figured it'll take a good 10-15 mintues worth of waiting in line before we could get anything shoved into our mouths. So we decided to queue up together, instead of one of us getting a table and the other queueing up.

It is times like these that you get to see the integrity of the Malaysian public.

Well, here's the story... maybe you can tell me the moral of it by the end...

My girlfriend and I were happily queueing up in line for a good 5 minutes and the line just wouldn't move. Well, the 'self-service' cafe was full and the food supply chain was stretched. Well, typical for a shopping complex of such fame and magnitude. So...

In came this aunty budging through the line to get a tray and cup, and proceed to manouver her way against the line... So we thought, "Wah, is she not even paying for the cup of coffee/tea?"

Then, she proceeded to take her tray and cup, and walked in through the exit/payment counter into the food collection area!

I know she must be thinking to herself, "Well, I'm in here for only a piece of cake and a cup of free-flow coffee, and it's just a small deal, so I need not wait in line like those who are here for a full-meal."


Useless, uncivilised, and crude people.

Then, after we got our meals, we proceeded to find ourselves a spot to park our butts. The entire floor was literally littered with people 'waiting for their partners in crime who were waiting in the line'. Like... can't they see that the line is THAT long and it'll take a good 15 minutes before your partner(s) will come back with the food! AND CAN'T YOU SEE THAT A PERSON CAN FINISH A MEAL IN THAT PERIOD OF TIME!!!???? Like, because they are parked there, other people have to search franticly for a free table, and that takes time... customers could have gotten themselves happily fed and oout of the way faster if it was not for these 'parkers'... So what benefit do you have by parking yourself at a 'good' table? You are just hogging the place and restricting traffic!

No wonder we have so many uncalled-for traffic jams around this joint.

Can't help it, but I do have to admit that us, Malaysians, have no regard for civic-consciousness, are babaric, uncivilised and self-justifying. We are all a product of technological advancement without any room for morals. First World Facilities, Third World Mentality.

This is saddening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad.. indeed.

December 28, 2005 4:27 am  

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