Friday, December 02, 2005

I am difficult...

The title says it all.

I am difficult to work with,
I am difficult to talk with,
I am difficult to understand, and
I am difficult to live with.

I seriously don't understand.

Are men that difficult to predict?
Is it such a mystery that our logic seems incomprehensable?
What is it that makes us so difficult?

We are Predictable.
~ We always do the same things. There's nothing unpredictable in our lives. Women, wine, song, football, games, techy stuff, you'll see a patern in no time! We don't have spending sprees, we are not compulsive shoppers, we eat (a lot), and we place our passions on the top of our foreheads and on the window of our cars. So why is it that our women insist on defying our needs?

We are Emotionless.
~ We simply do not have the need to emote: There's only "Yes" and/or "No". Cross us, and we get angry. Please us, and we'll be happy. Confuse us and we'll be confused. Don't do any of the above, and we'll not be any of the above.

We are Objective Minded.
~ Tell us what you want, and we will follow and fight for your plight with all our ability. Tell us that you want to watch a movie just for the sake of watching a movie, any movie will do, you'll confuse us. Tell us to walk shopping complexes with you just for the sake of walking, you might as well kill us. However, tell us that you need to buy this or that from here or there, we'll be happy to oblige and accompany you no matter how far or wide the place is. If you want to watch a movie, then set which movie you want to watch before approaching us. If you want to go shopping, make sure you really have something to buy; but please don't tell us that you want to go to 1-Utama for a bottle of mineral water, cause the Indian shop outside can also provide such an ammenity.

We are Money Minded.
~ Well, this applies only to those who are chivalrous anyway. Most of us think that it is our responsibility to provide for our woman. It is our responsibility to make sure our woman gets a comfortable life. And this apparently contradicts the woman's will to spend on things we would deem as 'petty'. We will not understand why you would spend half your salary on bags, or earrings, or shoes. Why? Because we are boring and predictable people who have no knack for accessories. Give us clothes on our backs, nice pants (two pairs will do), a couple pairs of shoes, a techy phone, and a nice car, we're done for life. On one hand we try to save up to give our woman a better life, but yet, we get complaints that we are not spending time with them at entertainment outlets. Entertainment costs money. And it is money that we feel is not worth spending. Watching football at home is so much more economical. No unpredictable costs. Pay your fixed Astro bills on time, and voila.

We Segregate our Friends.
~ We are different people when we are with different people. We will be a football fan when we are amongst other football fans. We are soft and tender with our female friends, and we are rough with our mechanic friends. And when we're with our woman, we're simply our woman's man. What's so unpredictable with that?

So.. Tell me.. Why are we still being misunderstood?

Disclaimer: If you do not agree with any of the above and feel that a lot of the stuff written are wrong and borders on being blanket terms and it misrepresents you, then just shut up and stop being 'perasan' cause I wasn't alking about you.


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