Sunday, May 27, 2007

Why we need to walk on...

Say in the morning, a business man goes out and asks a few men to work for him at his cafe. These men agree on what is seen as the minimum wage of RM40 per day. RM40 for these guys to do whatever they are told to do for an entire day.

And at noon, this business man saw that he was still short-handed, goes out and offers another few men the minimum wage of RM40 for them to help out at his cafe.

And by the time high-tea was around the corner, there was an influx of customers, and this businessman went out agian in search for more workers. The same minimum of RM40 was offered to them and they duly proceeded to work at his restaurant.

So, at the end of the day, when everyone came to collect his wages, the fellas who were employed at the beginning of the day started to grumble saying that it's not fair that they had to work the whole day and got the same amount as those who worked through High-tea only.

But then, the Businessman took their grumbling and gave them this reasoning: That everyone had in the beginning agreed to work for the minimum wage of RM40 for a day, and that is what He is offering everyone who works for Him. It is already the minimum wage, and He is not prepared to give anyone anything less.

Besides, it's not about what you do for the minimum wage, but how you do it. It all comes back to the moment you agreed to work for this Businessman. What you have agreed upon shall be legal and binding. There is no reason at all why the Businessman should give you anything more or anything less. Not even to the point of Him being called unfair.

But if you really look into it, He isn't being unfair. He's being just in a matter of fact!

So, if you're still wondering where am I getting at, substitute the Businessman with God, and minimum wage with Salvation.

We are all called to 'work' at different times, but who are we to judge that people who were called later than we were should be given a lesser salvation?

Friday, May 25, 2007


Yes, some people can live life just because they suddenly found thenselves here on earth.

There are indeed people who don't know why they are here on this earth. But some fret over the littlest things like why am I born into this family?

I always ask myself what would it be like if I were to be born somewhere else than in Malaysia. But then, that doesn't necessarily make me a Malaysian innit? I'm more Brit than I am Malaysian actually, but then, who's to say that you fully belong to some country? You might be a Briton born and bred in England, but you could've had a chinese upbringing because your dad hired a chink maid. So... whats the question again?

But some people do ask. These are the ones who think about all the 5W's and 1H about life.

What am I doing here on earth?
Why am I born as a human being?
Where am I supposed to be?
What can I do to change the fact that I am human?
Who am I?
How can I choose this life that I have?

So, to some extent, our lives are predestined in a sense that we couldn't have possibly chose the manner and matter we were born into. That's not for us to say. Our parents brought us into this world, and we didn't have a say whether we want to be born or not.

But then, that doesn't mean we can't choose how to live our lives. I am starting to hate the notion about people who say "I am born like that." No... You were born a cute and harmless baby. How you grew up made you like that. And no, it's not about how your parents treated you when you were young, but how you handled and reacted to your environment as you grew. I've seen sons of convicts lead a healthy and successful life.

So, in the end, you say that if we had the choice, then why didn't God give us the choice of which womb we wanted to come out from?

But then, that's not the issue of what you have, or could've had, but it's about how you choose to live your life. And there's no such thing as 'the environment forced it upon me'. You made the choice, outof desperation or out of exterior force, but you still made the choice to live like that.. So live with it.

Do not stand at the cross roads and say that you weren't given a choice. Cause most of us do. Our motives, our evil desires and our laziness sometimes purposefully blur out the road on which we stand, so that we will only see one way out of our problems. But still, it is up to us whether we walk down that road or not...

There's always the other road: You are the Way, the Truth, the Life, and we will walk by faith but not by sight...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

So we Lost...

Now to not dwell in self pity, but to pick oneself up and do it again with more hunger...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Time and Space

Have you ever tried trenscending time and space?

Have you ever felt a need to do so?

One of the natures of God, some people say, is that He transcends time and space. Which means He is not bound by time and He is not bound by space. So, therefore the theory goes that God is such because He is limitless.

And me, a mere man, cannot be God because I am simply limited by these two factors that are not within my control. That is why, no man can be a limitless god. However good you are, however god-like you are, you cannot be a god. Just by the fact that you cannot control time nor space means that you are limited by it. Whatever you do in life, you cannot save an extra second from this day to use in the next, nor can you jump from one end of the earth to another place without the limitation of physical space.

Haha... I am thinking about all this because I am trying to do a little bit of renovation for my sisters' room at the house. They are moving in with me so that we will stay as a family once my girlfriend and I get married. Expenses will be significantly lower, and we can take care of one another better.

So, for these next two weeks or so, I'll be having a hell of a time in moving things around and getting things done. Besides, there's also this room & apartment merry-go-round that's happening. I am vacating my current room to give way for my housemetes, and the intake of new housemates. My sister is vacating her room so that she can stay with my other sister. And there's a few other people moving around the same few units of apartments in the same complex. So, everyone wants a room, but not everyone wants everyone else to be their housemate. So, in the end, it might end up being a big fat mess.

I don't even want to start elaborating each and every person's ideals and wants and needs. It's just too many, and some want things that they don't want to confirm, and contemplation leads to delay, and delay leads to last minute changes, and last minute changes normally leads to conflict, and conflict leads to extremely hurtful restorations...

Sigh... All in a day's work... I only wished that I could transcend time and space so that I can go talk to everyone at their most convenient times, and not spend anytime travelling from point A to point B.

And to do up the room at the same time...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I am who I never wanted to be...

Yes.. I have become the person I hate most. I have become exactly like the person that I never wanted to be... I am now technically the person whom I hated the most, whose ideas and thoughts I loathed...

I think I have said somewhere along the way in this blog that I hated the things that John Maxwell writes, his ideas, and his emotional style of writing. I know he's the best to some people, but I seriously hate him and what he's trying to achieve in telling people how to be 'a people person', 'a leader where everyone likes'... I got a hold of his book, read the first page, forced myself to do the entire chapter, and after that stopped entirely because I knew he was asking me to be the exact person that I hated the most. I hated the people that thought like him, walked like him and made friends like him. I even had a perfect example in my circle of 'friends' cause I don't consider such people friends, I consider them annoyances that should just shut up most of the time...

And just the other day, my boss told me, that who I am today, is exactly what he is, how he is, and what he is doing.

and I can just go, "crap..."

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