Saturday, January 27, 2007


I think I am suffering from a severe case of writer's block.

There's nothing to write about, but indeed there's a lot happening still. My life's been busy with a lot of things. Work is work, and there's actually not much leisure. But then, it's not that I haven't been thinking much; I have actually been thinking A LOT... Just that, I can't write most of the things down in my blog. Some are trade secrets, others are people's secrets.

This is something that can't be remedied. I can't possibly compromise my work for the sake of this blog, and I can't compromise my intergrity whereby people will lose trust in me. That's why I can't write the stuff that I face in this blog.

It's saddening sometimes that this blog has suffered from my improvement in my work.

But I'm glad in a sense that I have been touching lives around me. I'm meeting more people, and I'm moving around a lot more. The funny thing is, I used to hate working outdoors, but now it seems that I can't stop working outdoors, meeting people, meeting new friends...

It's exciting. But then, that means I have less time to sit around and blog about my colleagues and my boss; which is good.

Monday, January 22, 2007

My reader(s)...

It seems to me that my readership has somewhat dwindled as soon as I had nothing much to rant about.

Well, it goes to show that people are just into reading blogs because they want to find a bit of comedy relief. I bet you read blogs just to see that someone else's life is as bad as yours and it gives you relief. It'll be a big big bonus if indeed that fella can make jokes from his or her bad experiences even. Heck, my readership hits per day was at it's all-time high when I slashed my previous bosses until they aren't worth a single cent.

And since I'm not doing that any more, the readership's been dwindling...

Ah, well...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'm not dead...

just busy.

So, this is for the first time in weeks where I can quietly sit down and think about things which are not work related. I've been totally consumed by my work lately with more and more possibilities popping up. There's new ministries to be started, there's lots of people to meet, directions to be set, and the whole lot.

Well, this ordeal has given me a rather sinister find, regarding my own life and what I enjoy doing. I am seriously enjoying what I am doing now. I can't tell you exactly what yet, but that's just because these things are trade secrets. If I let you in on the truth and how I go about it, then it'll destroy my work entirely.

I know it's difficult to read something that says nothing. So here's the story of two cats;

So there were two cats that wanted to cross the road. Cat#1 said to Cat#2, "Let's cross the road to get to the other side." And Cat#2 being very courteous said, "Yes, we shall. But after you."

And upon seeing Cat#2's courteousness, Cat#1 reciprocated the courteousy by saying, "No, no AFTER you."

Then Cat#2, seeing that this conversation is getting nowhere, suggested that both of them cross the road together.

"Genius!" exclaimed Cat#1.

"Then we shall cross the road together," said Cat#2.

And both cats stepped onto the road at the same time paw for paw.

And at that very moment, a lorry came and crushed them under its wheels.

And the moral of the story is; Don't cross the federal highway if you're a cat!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How much is too much?

You know, when you're in the 'customer service' industry, there's always a need to draw a line between work and personal life.

When you're in this kind of industry, the demands are such that there's not much space between personal life and work. Sometimes, all these things get jumbled up. I m getting calls to 'help-out' during my day-off, I am getting calls to 'help-out' whether I'm free or not, I'm always getting calls to do this or that.

So much so, today, I need to sit down and ask myself; Where do I draw the line?

I help-out, I die.

I don't help out, I can't sleep.

I haven't really rested since last weekend, and it's seriously taking its toll on me. Seven days without rest makes one weak.

There are certain times whereby I am functioning on raw mechanics itself, with my brain kinda not working properly. I've been up and down the KLIA road so many times in the past week that I can almost drive with my eyes closed.

Then, I find a little bit of frustration when it comes to my colleagues because they have drawn a very tight line between work and life. I have still yet to draw any line. That is why, my life is in a little bit of a mess.

Like I said,I can do a lot of things, but there's only ONE me to go around. Sometimes I wonder why I am given such talents like in fixing pipes, a bit of carpentry, a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Hhhmmm...

I am seriously physically tired. But God seems to be keeping me strong spiritually...

And I can only wonder if that's a good thing...

Friday, January 12, 2007

I might as well post something...

I've been busy lately. Not much time to sit around the office with nothing to do.

But I have been learning quite a few things. And one of them being how to handle difficult people. Sometimes, there are some who just refuse to listen, and they refuse to change. Some might see it as a good thing. But then others would rather kill themselves than to give way to such heresy.

I was in a conversation with a friend and both of us seriously come from both sides of the spectrum in terms of leadership theories and practices. But we enjoy sitting down and chatting about leadership and leading. To me, there's nothing more provoking than being able to sit down with a true friend who would be able to give you a totally different perspective in life!

And so we were chatting about how people have changed over time. Because this friend has been overseas for further studies, we talked about this certain character; She has a hard and focused mind. She knows what she needs to do and she knows that what she is doing is true to herself and her work. This is a very good attitude. However, this attitude also brings to her public life a little bit of a problem. Because her priorities aren't like everyone else's she gets into trouble with the authorities at work and with friends.

So I was thinking; Am I supposed to change according to what society deems best? Or should I remain focused on what I should do and don't care about how people think of me?

Then the other issue is how can you lead a person if you can't even garner the respect of the person? Although you might have better things to do and bigger priorities to follow-up on, you will still need to beat someone in his or her own game in order to win that someone's respect.

Let's just talk about punctuality.

This girl that we were talking about has a problem with time. She's always late and she delays a lot of things. Her reason being that she is doing something more important than that current job that needs to be done. Or even, sometimes, her priorities would be to sleep in because she's had a late night, so that she can do her job better today.

So instead of going to work on time, she'd sleep in, get sufficient rest, and take on the battle with a fresh mind.

But that is the exact opposite of what society expects! If you go to work at a bank or something, like it or not, whether you're performing at your optimum level or not, your boss needs to see you seated at your desk on the dot at 9am.

So the question is what if I sleep in and perform at an optimum level for the rest of the day, or I go to work on time but groggy and perform below par for the entire day?

Friday, January 05, 2007

18 years of Neglect...

My job sometimes requires a little bit of patience and a lot of cunning.

That's because we mostly deal with college students, and although some do come equipped with enough EQ to go by life, some do come with high-flying grades, but no ability to act nor think independently.

They are more affectionately known as the Generation 'Y' of today. Stereotypically, these are the kids who do not know how to live on their own, make their own decisions, and basically, take responsibility for their own actions.

You can easily spot such people out by just observing them and thier relationship with their parents. Gen-Y kids are sometimes too close to their parents until they cannot detach from them. If you've watched 'Failure to Launch', you'd understand. Such kids shun responsibility and if given the chance, they would rather you call the shots. All they know is that they want to have the latest mobile phone model, or which movie they must go to. Besides that, they'd call their parents to consult them about everything else.

The only problem is, sometimes, when told of thier predicament, they try too hard to recompensate. Over-compensation isn't a very pretty thing at all. So, besides asking their parents on what to do next, sometimes, they jump into conclusions and make decisions hastily, just to show that they aren't 'Momma's Kid'. Most of the time, they will make 'mis-informed' decisions. Simply because they haven't been making deicions all their lives, they cannot see anything beyond their current situation. Such kids rely on their parents so much that they do not know what's happening out there in the real world. Everything that they do know is whatever their parents tell them or teach them.

Such is the psyche of most of today's kids. Because they have not have the need to make informed decisions, they leave the information with their parents. And thus, when they do make a decision, they lack proper judgement simply because they know no better.

Thus, this comes back to the notion of 'Thinking outside the Box'. The only problem is, these kids have such a small 'Box' that they cannot see too far out.

When I was still studying, my teacher used to say that we must always think outside the box in order to make it big. But then, when I stepped into Uni, I found out that if I don't even know the size of my own 'Box', how do I venture out of it?

Thus, the theory is, no one can actually think outside the box all by him/herself.

Let me ask you. If you've never heard of the word 'psychology' or 'marxism', would you even know where to find such things to study or explore?

So, the reasoning for this is simple. If you do not know the size of your own box, you simply don't know what's out there. If you over compensate, you migth run the risk of becoming like the scientists of yesteryear, making out 'informed' theories about the universe, how big is it, how many 'other universes' are there?


Wednesday, January 03, 2007


When you're in the business of looking after others, one of you is never enough.

So it's the 5th week of working in my new place, and I'm slowly adapting to the pace of work and all that. And if you'd not already know, I'm now in the business of handling people. And to satisfy a group of 350++ people isn't really an easy task. especially since now, everyone's an individual, no one wants to be 'part of the group'. Everyone wants to see and be seen in the group as important, every little details counts, every mouth who speaks need to be listened to, every mind needs to be apeased, every question answered, every issue resolved, every mistake corrected, every little thing must be entertained.

The pressure is high, the demands are even higher. But I'm not complaining. I'm seriously enjoying my job. But then, as time dictates, ONE of me is not enough to go around. The main problem is, I can do a lot of things stated above. I can do one or two things at the same time, but not more than that. Thus, I have came to a forgone conclusion that one of 'Me' is not enough.

I wonder how to make everyone happy. If only I could have a few faces whereby I can be bad to someone which needs a little scare, and at the same time, I can be good to someone who needs caring and attention. At the same time also, I need to act intellectual in front of the educated, and rough when among those who are not into education.

And thus, I find the demands on my time and talent is much in need, and very scarce. But then, I too am limited by time and space. I can't do everything at the same time, nor can I achieve the feat of being in two places at the same time.

So, I guess this will be a constant struggle. But heck, I am seriously enjoying this.

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