Thursday, December 15, 2005


Something that I realised today.

Well, I was stuck in a jam today, so I took a re-route. I didn't know where I was going, but I turned into a junction that headed to the direction I was headed trusting that all roads are linked up in KL.

If you are a local in the Subang area, this happened at the Subang airport road heading towards the Federal highway.

I went to get my car from EON Glenmarie (service centre) and I was heading to Kelana Jaya LRT Station. So instead of the normal way of coming out of Glenmarie from the Subang Parade thereabouts, I proceeded to try out the Subang Airport route. And to my horror, the jam was a good 3-4km's long!!!

So I took a left turn at a junction, knowing that Kelana Center Point was in that direction and if I could get myself anywhere near there, I would be able to twist my way to the LRT Station. So I turned in and got myself into another jam. Well, just my luck, but it's not as bad as the first jam, so, no harm done. Just that I didn't know where I was going. I simply followed the crowd. Heck, if there are so many cars going towards that direction, I couldn't be wrong.

So in the midst of the jam, I was a hapy camper, slowly following the double sided road, waiting in line, making sure I don't bump into the car in front of me. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, I realise that there was a car that over took me from the left side!!! The road has become a double lane.

Then it struck me. I have lost my focus on the destination ahead. I have been focusing on the car in front, making sure that I will not bump into it that I have lost my focus of the final destination. My focus has been changed and narrowed until I didn't see the double lane next to me. If I had saw that earlier, I would've overtaken a good 20-30 cars in front of me!!!

So, in life, sometimes, we do lose focus of our final destination. When our focus shifts from the destination to the journey, then we lose sight of the opportunities that presents itself right beside us!

So, ask yourself, where are you heading today? Are you just driving and trying to avoid hitting the car that's in front of you or are you clear about where you're going?


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