Sunday, April 01, 2012

Keep moving on...

It's been so long since I've posted anything on this blog. Surely the FB generation and its style of communication has taken over. Now, people have learnt to communicate using less and less words. I wonder if in the future, a Bachelor's Degree will also be given to a student for the least amount of words he can use to do his dissertation.

Well, if you could read between the lines, there's a reason why I am writing again. I only write when there's something big going on. I only write when I am at the crossroads.

So, here I am again.

I've been constantly asked whether I'm staying put in this town by various people; people whom I've not met for a long time, people whom I meet every week in church, people who have no other topic to talk to me about.

The standard answer has always been 'Yes and No'. We've built a little nest here in the nether regions of this forsaken place. We have also took 3-4 years of being here to begin to accept the way of life. And parts of us are still resisting the fact that we might get stuck here for the rest of our foreseeable lives.

We've been here since September 2008 and to say that we have assimilated would be a big NO. We have struggled to be a part of the church community, our friends from the West seem to be closer to us than our new friends in this town. It's not that we've not given it a try, and it's also not due to the fact that the fellas here didn't try. Perhaps we just lived too far. We have only recently come to accept that.

Well, all that being said, it's about time to move on. We've probably been here long enough to see that this is not what we want for the rest of our lives.

We've actually been planning the great escape from this place since a few months ago when we travelled out of the country to see whether the grass is indeed greener on the other side, and YES, it is indeed greener on the other side. Well, every side of the fence has its pros and cons, but I guess it's time for a new challenge, a new experience.

And we don't plan to come back.


Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

Happy 1st of April.

April 01, 2012 10:20 pm  
Blogger Bea said... is this post for real or not? ;P

April 15, 2012 8:48 pm  
Blogger yatzi jean lau tan said...

ya man! i oso long time din read ur blog. Ngam ngam i read this. haha...come back here la if really decided. We surely welcome u keh. hehe...But no matter where u guys r, where is the second little Des & Flora ya.

May 14, 2013 10:18 pm  

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