Thursday, April 15, 2010


Let's just say that I have just had a Eureka Moment.

After a heated discussion with a colleague about what and how work should be, I suddenly found out what my life meant and what direction should I take to fulfil my calling in life.

Like all Eureka Moments, life suddenly made sense and everything that has been happening all came together to tell its story. It's just like all of a sudden, your mind opens up and all the struggles and problems in life made absolute sense. It is as if you knew exactly why the things that happened happened.

I guess after about 15 years after I was given this prophecy, I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The story goes like this; There was once a lady prophet who came from Korea that would go around churches ministering to people, telling them what God has in store for them. Maybe a word of encouragement, or a direction that perhaps God wanted the person to head towards.

I was about 15 years old back then, could be younger. So she came a-visit at my hometown church. As eager and as curious as a family could be about knowing what God has to say to us, we went to be ministered to.

The Korean prophetess gave me a prophecy, which I have doubted its accuracy and appropriateness for the past 10 years or so, was that I would be an entrepreneur, setting up an enterprise that God would use for the advancement of His kingdom.

And for the past 10 years, after I finished my Form 5, I have only thought about working, looking for work and surviving without the help of my parents. I would say that I have studied in all that a person should study, worked in small enterprises and ran the rat race.

Somehow I knew, God was steering me towards something, but I still had my reservations about the prophecy.

In a very strange way, God provided an opening at the most un-thought of place that I would go to, gave my wife the conviction to apply for this job, gave me the thought of applying to the same organisation and now, He has led me to a place whereby this prophecy could come true.

Of course I know that it's God who gave me all the necessary education and experience for Him to use me in a later date, but I have never knew what, where and when God would wnat me to do something for Him.

Like now, I am working at a place whereby He is teaching me something about what I need to do later. He has connected me to some of the most important people that I can possibly get to know with due relevance to the prophecy and it was only tonight I figured it out.

Now, I only wonder if it is really what God wants. Cause as I am typing this entry out, my mind is working and churning out ideas as to how and why and what to name the enterprise. I find it difficult to sleep when my mind kicks into gear and therefore, I am blogging at this hour of night.

I shall let you know as and when I have more thoughts. But as for now, I need to document some of the ideas down so that I won't forget.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

The irony...

According to my Australian friend, his brother was once faced with a book that you could write your blog in.

Remember what this book is called?

No... not a 'physical blog'...

Not a book-log either...

Apparently, its old name used to be called 'Diary'.

For those who are smiling, I know you're old...

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