Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Vitamins A - Z?

Funny title, I know...

Well, I was this happy camper (sometimes, sleeping in the LRT helps the 30 minute of nothing-to-do-ness) In the LRT this morning and I caught this vitamin themed train. What caught my attention was, the ads in the train were rightfully this Vitamin Company's.

So, the product is deemed to be a 'Multi-Vitamin' supplement. Take one a day, and your problems will seemingly go away! The grips hanging from the support bars were filled with 'info' ads that told you about what certain vitamins would do to you, how it would improve your energy, health and the whole thing.

So, it suddenly struck me: Why are we driving ourselves to the grave to earn money, and buy such vitamins as a supplement to our health so that we can work harder and earn even more money to buy more supplements to improve our health?

Why hasn't it dawn on us that a healthy lifestyle can be gained if everyone worked normal and standard working hours, and that working long hours doesn't mean productive?

If management can make less 'sudden' decisions, causing employees to work over-time, or that employees could be able to work a standard 9am -5pm everyday, then we wouldn't need to buy such supplements just to keep up with the pace of our jobs.

My girlfriend's department was asking for pitches from suppliers recently for Recruitment ads (She works in the HR dept.) and this fella came in and told her and her colleagues that they were able to provide a service with almost instant turn-around time! Normally, the film for the Ads would need to be handed over to the editors at least 3 day before the insertion. And this fella promises an insertion on Saturday even if the information is given to him on Thursday! This is crazy!!! I mean I applaud this fella's efficiency, but with an employer like that, his employees might as well live in the office. This is seemingly putting oneself into unnecessary pressure! And it is this kind of 'competitiveness' that is driving employees to buy such 'vitamin supplements'. Simply because they can't survive in such a corporate world without the extra energy, and vitamins.

I mean I've worked in a company where the boss will promise the clients almost anything possible, and drove his employees to work over-time everyday. But we had never had to deal with this kind of shit! The fella gave a promise of being able to change things even after the deadline!

So, if you're an employer, and you're reading this, THINK ABOUT IT !!! Your employees will die in a few years time, and you'd have to look for new untrained employees to continue in this business. I know of a few friends who wouldn't hink twice when it comes to slaving themselves to Money, but some companies just take it too far.



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