Friday, December 09, 2005

Some clients are just looking for it...

I got so busy yesterday with this client of mine that was a pain up the rectum!

He came in breifed the team, and then eve got my mobile number!

Well, that's not the point. At first he sounded like he knew what he want. The job was simple. He brought samples of an Ad that he wanted to do, asked us to do a similar layout, and replace accordingly. Well, that's the easy part.

He wanted me to write copy for him that is direct, selling his product's 'Unique Selling Points' but yet sounds classy. It's like I want a promo ad that sounds classy. It's like trying to tell you that there's a 90% discount without spelling the 90% out. Find me hot ice and i'll do it for you. I hate it when clients get that way. Whatever you write for them will be rejected, and yet when you ask them whether there's some particular word that they prefer or would like to hear, they'll say to you, "That's your job! If I knew how to write, would I require your services?" But then when you present to them the few options that you slave out from the deep resources of your brain for the entire afternoon, they'll reject it and say that your direction is wrong. Then they proceed to give you the 'required' terminologies'... Like if you're so freaking good, just write it yourself lah! I'll be more than willing to proof read!

And he had the nerve to call back after 2 hours and say,

"Call me on my mobile when you have something. I want to make sure that the copy is good, then you can proceed. Don't hesitate to call me anytime. I'm sure you guys are working late right?"

I'm like... ARGH!!!... Who the hell is this guy that dictates how much time I spend at the office? So what if we work late? Does that give you the convenience to press us like that? All because you're the freaking client, and you're paying our bills? Hell NO!!

Lucky for us, the boss told us that he's not too interested in this piece of business also. So we left as soon as we finished off a few things.

But still, that got me into a mad rush last night. I arrived at cell group 5 minutes late.

I thank God for giving me good employers... THis company's a keeper... Now... I only need to make myself useful around here.. Not too useful... just enough...


Blogger theGodlyLawyer said...

Well, try to imagine, clients tell us, the lawyers what they want, thinking lawyers are magicians and can get what they want with the law. goodness.. they think we drafted the Act or what? hahaha... well, clients.. generally are 'stupid'.

December 09, 2005 10:56 am  

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