Saturday, June 20, 2009

3 weeks plus

This is the first time that we coaxed him into the basket. He's been acting really mature beyond his days apparently. The confinement lady noted that she hasn't seen any baby like him before. He's very sensitive towards his environment and well-being. Unlike kids his age, which is only about 3 weeks now, he knows when his pampers are full, he wants a nappy change every time he passes urine, he knows how to demand his rights to clean sheets and comforts.

Apparently, kids 2 months old don't even start doing that. It seems that he has a brain that's more developed than it should, which is a good thing. However, with a kid so demanding, it's gonna be tough for us as we struggle with his demands.

I guess when you name your son, you really get what you asked for.

And now for alittle bit about myself;

It's been an exciting week so far and all our energy levels are dropping as we get used to the demands of teaching a full-day school. There's never a dull moment and deadlines keep coming at you like nobody's business. There's so much to do, so many lessons to prepare for and the students welfare must be taken care of. There's so many demands on each one of us that even the Principal is stressed out.

The only solace that we get would be that we are indeed making an impact in the lives of these few students that we have, changing them for the better and giving them some direction in life.

So do pray for us whenever you remember us.

Monday, June 08, 2009

So yeah, if you still haven't gotten the news, "HE'S OUT!!!" 

If you asked me about what fatherhood is like, it's still early days yet. 

He's been a rather good kid thus far, and he's got an attitude. Even from the start, he has his likes and dislikes. He smiles well and I think should be a rather happy kid. 

What my wife and I were really worried about was that our kid would come out unhappy. I've seen some really unhappy kids out there and we sure hope that this kid won't be one of them. 

But now, the journey begins. 

He came out looking very much like his mom and day by day, he is still changing his looks. But from what we see, his distinct eyes and mouth will make him looking closer to his mom. But we are hoping for a good mix of the best we have. He has a longish body and his fingers and toes are all long and thin. If he does grow up to be a tall lad, and looking like his mom, he's gonna look exactly like his uncle, mom's brother. 

He's eating well, sleeping well and he's got some fight in him. Even from the first day, he's shown that he's a toughie. Even before he turned a week old, he's been turning his head to the left and right. It won't be long before he'll be turning himself over in his sleep. 

As for the experience of being a new parent, it's a culture shock altogether. I've never envisaged that there's so many extra things to do. Just because his systems are weak, I have to boil everything that touches his mouth. I have never spent so much time waiting for water to boil ever in my life! 

There so much washing, there's so much cleaning up, there's just so many things to do!

Well, will update later when there's more things to tell. As for now, both mom and I and little Joshua are doing fine. 

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