Wednesday, October 10, 2007



I just love Malaysia...

My girlfriend got into some car trouble yesterday by locking her keys inside the car. The tricky thing was, she always brings both sets of keys with her just in case situations like this happened, and to our horror, at that particular time, she had both keys locked inside her car; one still stuck in the ignition on stand-by, and the other was in her bag.

Well, people make mistakes. So I don't blame her. She was tired and all that, just after work.

So, what could the boyfriend do under such circumstances?

I tried to do what any sensible man would do and try what they did in the movies.

So up I went to my office, where she came to find me, and got myself a stainless steel ruler and tried to jack open the door. Mind you, it was the longest one you could find in the market. Yes, you said it right, a 1 meter stainless steel ruler.

And since this incident happened in Malaysia, I didn't have to meet any trouble at all while I was shoving that piece of metal up and down aside her window. And since it was my first time trying this stunt, I was there, trying to figure out where the latch is and I tried for about 5 - 10 minutes before I felt I hit something. I tried two doors even. Then after I found the spot, it just clicked open effortlessly! You should try it out. It's that easy. Now if you'd ask me, I'd do it in less than 30 seconds I guess. So yeah. It's THAT easy to unlock a car from the outside. Even a noob like me can figure it out by flicking the steel ruler around.

So, now I don't know if I should marvel at the ease of the whole stunt, or should I marvel at how come I was doing all that, for about 10 minutes, under a brightly lit, road side parking, beside a busy main road, opposite a 3-storey diner, and no one came and confronted me? Nor has the police contacted me nor my girlfriend yet over the possible loss of our car to car jackers? The only attention we garnered was 2 passer-by girls, who stopped their car to look at what I was trying to do, but they made no notion of it.

And I should be proud to add that Malaysia is such a free country; so free that I can freely use a steel ruler to unlock my car without getting into any form of trouble whatsoever.

So... Welcome to Malaysia beb.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Preparing for a marriage isn't something that's superly nice to do. One of the biggest dillemas you'll go through will be the guest list.

I still haven't finalised the guest list until today. It's not that I don't know who I am inviting, but it's just difficult to invite some, but not invite others. Then there's the part where you know the boyfriend, but you're not that close with the girlfriend...

Then there's the mixed reactions of the people whom you invite; "Bomb nih!!" when they receive your invite, or "So that's how he values our friendship", when not invited. Or those which are even worse, which goes, "Huh? I also don't know we are that close..."

Then there's the problem of inviting couples as couples or as individuals.

There's also a problem in inviting groups whereby if I invite the whole group, some new members of the said group might not even know who I am...

Then there's the problem of how to send out the invites...

A lot of trouble just to get married I tell you...

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