Monday, December 05, 2005

Monday Morning!!

Well, this is one of the very few incidences that I wake up on a Monday fully awake!

I've been having trouble sleeping lately. Couldn't get my brain to shut down until I've worn myself out with some mindless activities, e.i. watching tv, vcds, rolling on the bed, kicking the air with my feet, counting sheep, EVERYTHING!!!

I just hate it when I can't sleep. My leg muscles will tense up and the entire body will feel uneasy. Then, my brain will tell my body that it's very tired, but the legs will tell the mind that it's uncomfortable.

But somehow, with all that, I woke up today with a jump and a spring in my step. Maybe it's because my "Caution! Driver Asleep" yellow sign that I hung on the rear window of my car broke off yesterday. So now, whenever you see me in my car, it's confirmed that I am not asleep. Anymore.

Ah... Whatever... A mindless post.


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