Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This Christmas

Chistmas is the time for giving and forgiving. (Ripped this off some song that I used to sing when I was around 10 years young.)

However, yesterday, when I was in the LRT, I met this girl, who had a problem with her limbs, buying bagfuls of Christmas gifts. She had trouble with her hands and fingers and possibly the nerves on her face. So she had problems with putting down her shopping bags onto the floor and picking them up again. From her name-tag, I saw she that she was working at a local daily. I salute her. Even with her disparity, she was able to make her own living, and afford bagfuls of gifts for her friends.

Then i looked at myself. My body is working perfectly, and I am groaning about how bad life is?

People out there have been looking forward to Christmas because they are expecting a gift or two. So, I thought to myself. What about those who are not as fortunate as us. Those whose lives are without hope, without any form of security whatsoever. So, this Christmas, I would like to be thankful of:

1. My own life ~ I am living in relative happiness, no health problems and I am living lilfe without any complications.
2. My financial position ~ However hard I find it difficult to survive in this concrete jungle, I can still afford to pay for my own food.
3. My family ~ Although they are far away, but they are still close to my heart.
4. My Girlfriend ~ She is just simply the best. My support, my strength.
5. My friends ~ They are true friends who are there to help whenever I need them. We do not use one another for personal gain. (Maybe I'm being naive; Hopefully not.)

And this Christmas, I would like to draw attention to these:
1. The poor ~ For they do not know whether they will have food to eat tonight.
2. The sick ~ (Especially those who are struggling with difficult to treat conditions) For they do not know whether they will survive this Christmas.
3. The disabled ~ For they have a hard enough life. It's not easy to gain parity with the non-disabled counterparts.
4. The homeless ~ For they have nothing but the clothes on their backs.
5. The hopeless ~ For that is the worst predicament a person can find himself in.

Life without hope is a life not worth living.

People lose the will to live when they have nothing to look forward to. That's why, this Christmas, let's all show the world some love and sow seeds of good hope. Think of the things you have, and be thankful. Then when you see those who do not have, give them a helping hand. For that is the true meaning of Christmas.

Show them someone still cares; that there is still some good in this harsh and cruel world.

For the Christ came to seek and save the lost.

Seek out those who have lost hope. And be a saviour this Christmas.


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