Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Victims of Sensationalism

The media... tabloids... the whole world's communication industry...

We have been bombarded by nothing more than sensationalism... (whao! it's pretty difficult to spell the word) And we are loving it! Although we may find it hard to admit, as consumers of news and gossip, we are therefore very sensitive to a thing called sensationalism... We go for the outrageous, the 'new', the daring, the X-factor, calamities, big happenings and whatever that can generate publicity. Sometimes I do wonder how much of me subconsciously subscribe to it.

There's no denying that every blogger in Blogtown goes for the sensational break. Whenever something happens in the blogoshpere, there won't be a lack in comments, posts, and arguments about the same thing. That's how we are. That's human nature.

It happens in TV, it happens in radio, it happens everywhere. Writers find a story, an issue and blow up the entire thing, give it a different spin and it becomes sensational. Thus, we achieve popularity/increased readership/cultural capital. Everyone, like it or not, is out here in Blogtown trying their best to increase thier self worth. They want their views to be heard, commented on and they want more hits on their blog! So how to do that? Take an outstanding issue, and blow it up. Either you write something really emotional and get people to comment on your anger or you get people that feel the same way to empathise with you...

There's no use denying it... We blog for this purpose. You might have started off blogging for yourself, but you will soon find that it is unavoidable. Whether you want to admit it or not, however fashion you started your blog, sooner or later, you will WILL fall into the sensationalism trap. Just like a moth to the flame.

If you are the exception to the general rule, do contact me...

Saddening ain't it... but that's the fact.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But sensationalism is what keeps the world moving on, so no harm right?

November 26, 2005 3:11 am  

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