Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'm not dead...

just busy.

So, this is for the first time in weeks where I can quietly sit down and think about things which are not work related. I've been totally consumed by my work lately with more and more possibilities popping up. There's new ministries to be started, there's lots of people to meet, directions to be set, and the whole lot.

Well, this ordeal has given me a rather sinister find, regarding my own life and what I enjoy doing. I am seriously enjoying what I am doing now. I can't tell you exactly what yet, but that's just because these things are trade secrets. If I let you in on the truth and how I go about it, then it'll destroy my work entirely.

I know it's difficult to read something that says nothing. So here's the story of two cats;

So there were two cats that wanted to cross the road. Cat#1 said to Cat#2, "Let's cross the road to get to the other side." And Cat#2 being very courteous said, "Yes, we shall. But after you."

And upon seeing Cat#2's courteousness, Cat#1 reciprocated the courteousy by saying, "No, no AFTER you."

Then Cat#2, seeing that this conversation is getting nowhere, suggested that both of them cross the road together.

"Genius!" exclaimed Cat#1.

"Then we shall cross the road together," said Cat#2.

And both cats stepped onto the road at the same time paw for paw.

And at that very moment, a lorry came and crushed them under its wheels.

And the moral of the story is; Don't cross the federal highway if you're a cat!


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