Friday, May 25, 2007


Yes, some people can live life just because they suddenly found thenselves here on earth.

There are indeed people who don't know why they are here on this earth. But some fret over the littlest things like why am I born into this family?

I always ask myself what would it be like if I were to be born somewhere else than in Malaysia. But then, that doesn't necessarily make me a Malaysian innit? I'm more Brit than I am Malaysian actually, but then, who's to say that you fully belong to some country? You might be a Briton born and bred in England, but you could've had a chinese upbringing because your dad hired a chink maid. So... whats the question again?

But some people do ask. These are the ones who think about all the 5W's and 1H about life.

What am I doing here on earth?
Why am I born as a human being?
Where am I supposed to be?
What can I do to change the fact that I am human?
Who am I?
How can I choose this life that I have?

So, to some extent, our lives are predestined in a sense that we couldn't have possibly chose the manner and matter we were born into. That's not for us to say. Our parents brought us into this world, and we didn't have a say whether we want to be born or not.

But then, that doesn't mean we can't choose how to live our lives. I am starting to hate the notion about people who say "I am born like that." No... You were born a cute and harmless baby. How you grew up made you like that. And no, it's not about how your parents treated you when you were young, but how you handled and reacted to your environment as you grew. I've seen sons of convicts lead a healthy and successful life.

So, in the end, you say that if we had the choice, then why didn't God give us the choice of which womb we wanted to come out from?

But then, that's not the issue of what you have, or could've had, but it's about how you choose to live your life. And there's no such thing as 'the environment forced it upon me'. You made the choice, outof desperation or out of exterior force, but you still made the choice to live like that.. So live with it.

Do not stand at the cross roads and say that you weren't given a choice. Cause most of us do. Our motives, our evil desires and our laziness sometimes purposefully blur out the road on which we stand, so that we will only see one way out of our problems. But still, it is up to us whether we walk down that road or not...

There's always the other road: You are the Way, the Truth, the Life, and we will walk by faith but not by sight...


Blogger Sir Paul Johns said...


What that means? Go figure.

But I do very agree with what you think.

The past is stone,
Not ours to choose,
The present is here,
But our thoughts make the crossroads blur,
The future is unknown and clay,
It's our choice to make and follow it as we may,
No one is not given a choice,
Anyone may live their lives the whatever way...

Circumstances crap. In the end it is the person who CHOOSES the way. There is ALWAYS more than one road, or not how can there be good and bad? A God and satan?

I'm am 100% certain that every decision made in the present rooted from at least two choices.

Isn't this what you mean?

Haha.. :P

May 26, 2007 1:02 am  

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