Sunday, March 25, 2007


I've been faced with a few problems lately.

Namely, I am called to do a lot of things that I shouldn't be doing. Not that I want to complain about the nature of those assignments and chores, but to get straight to the point, they are not what I am supposed to do.

This means that I have been called to do something else when I should be focusing on other things.

I believe that everyone has a specific calling in life, and that normally involves something that only he can do within his community or vicinity. Let's put it this way; It's like you call for a plumber, you agree on a certain fee for his services, and you get him to fix the roof while your taps are leaking. It's not what he was called to do, but he has to do it nonetheless. Willingness is not an issue here, (of course I am willing to help out wherever I can) but some things, are just not what I should be focusing in.

The economist will tell you about opportunity cost. If I leave this ministry hanging because I have another chore to do somethwere else, then I have just forgone the opportunity to impact a few people's lives!

Such is the urgency of todays' church, that every single minute counts! And the devil knows this. I feel as though sometimes, I am called to do a lot of 'more important matters' that the things I should be focusing on has been given a backseat. To some, things like fetching a VIP is more important then your weekly cell meeting. But let's look at it this way. Which is what you should be doing?

It's not about importance, but it's about what you should be doing!

If you do not live by priorities, you will live by pressure.

And so many people in this 'industry' tend to lose focus after working for a while. I have heard of people working in church who hasn't been walking regularly with God! If that is the case, then what is the pull of working in church? The fella might as well go find a job out in the corporate world because the pay is certainly higher!

Such things happen because this guy has lost his focus. He has forgotten why he is working in church, and he has lost his focus of what he should be doing.

Possibly, he has succumbed to the pressures of the demands of those around him. The life of a full-time minister in church is so filled with demands that some have turned into work-horses without taking time off to re-focus why they are doing what they are doing. That is why, retreats are important for people serving in church. Retreat doesn't mean to go off for a holiday, but a retreat means to take a step back, and re-evaluate your own heart regularly.

Some people have no focus in life whatsoever;
Some people lose thier focus along the way;
Some people don't know what they should be focusing on;
While some stay true and tied to their call.

So, if you're called to fix the leaking tap, don't you go wandering off up to the roof!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It has been ages since you wrote a long post, and I seriously wanted to leave a "worthwhile-to-read" comment but after reading your post twice, once without coffee, once at three in the morning, I decided that I will not try and think too hard as I have to think hard for other things, but I do know what you mean.

Focus, is important, and that is why I won't invest much time in this blog for a week or so. Haha.

But I get it, but it is a grey area, as what would you do if He asked you to do something that you shouldn't be doing?

Wait, I'm confusing myself, give me a coffee and a day or two and I'll be back.

March 27, 2007 6:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you do get called to do something you shouldn't be doing, then that's something else...

That requires dicernment... but the bottom line should be that if it encourages, then you should go for it... but if it destroys, then it's probably not from Him...


March 30, 2007 2:24 am  

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