Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm still here...

Yes, it is with great joy that I declare I am still alive, and this blog is still inhabited.

But whao, it's been so long since I've had the time and inspiration to sit down and write something. Such is the busy-ness with my new job, that it's virtually a 24/7 kind of thing. I find myself talking about 'work' all the time. With me now, it's this and that to be done, where and what there is to do, even when I'm having a time of leisure late night mamak.

I haven't been writing a bit since taking on this new job, and I spend so little time at my desk that sometimes, I feel as if I don't even need a desk at the office. Just give me a sofa and a notebook and I'll do you wonders.

So much of my time is now spent of communicating with people about stuff, sharing ideas and listening to needs, taking on responsibilities and helping out whenever I can.

I only wonder if my writing skills have dwindled and may at long last elude me. I have now truned into a 'doer' instead of a writer. There are ideas and thoughts, which a few months ago came to me as a thing to write down, which are now put into practise, and there are also practices that I have implemented while working on things.

The scary part about what I do currently is that involves a lot of people's personal lives. And that is a bit scary to say the very least. There are things that I say or do that may destroy or encourage a person. And I must admit that there's a certain pressure on me to 'perform' and to help people make the 'correct' decisions.

Well, at least I'm enjoying it, and I get to practise so much of the things that I learnt during Uni...

Education - Not Wasted...


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