Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What's in a Man?

Some people say I'm a nice guy. Seriously...

Well, some say I'm too nice... Others say that I'm accommodating...

I guess I am indeed too nice, sometimes, but maybe that's just how I am. That's who I'm brought up to be.

I used to be very mean. Nobody liked me when i was in Secondary School, partially because I was successful to a certain extent, but mostly because I was mean. I had a huge attitude back then, and it's seriously to my surprise that I got my girlfriend to like me...

Well, maybe I've changed for the better. But now, I'm facing this possibility of being too nice.

And the things that are happening in the office, are pushing me back to my old ways.

I'm now forced to do so many stupid things at the office, you can't blame me for thinking that the bosses want to shove me out by burdening me with stupid crap like doing emails and what-nots. I mean, where else on earth does a copywriter do so many things, and still be expected to come up with good copy?

I'm now practically indispensable at the studio.

Here's the workload.

1: Brief comes in
2: Designers read/understand, comes to me for copy
3. I write out headlines/copy for them
4: Transfer the copy to their desktops
5: Designers do layout/plonk-in copy
6: I do final copy check, just in case they missed out something like a space/a fullstop
7: Designers export artwork into image for emailling to clients
8: Designer calls Desmond to 'get that file from my desktop'
9: Desmond connects to the designer's computer via network
10: Desmond transfers image file to own desktop
11: Desmond opens email, new message
12: Desmond asks designer 'Who's the client?'
13: Desmond sends email

That process, doesn't always go with the flow. I am working with 4 desingers, sending out stuff at every other minute of the day. Clients come back with changes almost immediately, and the whole cycle repeats itself, (times 4 designers).

And in the midst of the stupidity of such administrative emailing work, I am expected to check each and every artwork that goes out, whether to print or to the clients. And that's minus the pressure from the bosses to deliver this fast, to resend that file because clients couldn't receive, to change this, to write that...

And I am supposed to be perfect. Hhhmmm...

In other agencies, writers just sit down, discuss concepts with their designers, churn out ideas and copy, and there'll be other people to take care of all the other things. THAT.Is.ALL.they.DO!!!

And they get better pay than I do...

So, I think retaliation on this is justifiable.

I refuse to be Mr. Nice Guy no more...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what happens if you firmly says 'No' to a handful of requested duties thrown towards you?


October 19, 2006 2:14 am  
Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

Von: Don't know, but my colleagues get nothing for claiming that they have only a pair of hands, and can only do so much in a limited time...

I think that's a convenient excuse... ahahahaha

October 19, 2006 9:47 am  

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