Monday, October 16, 2006


It's tiring going through the same tiring motions week-in, week-out.

I'm losing ideas of how to make the same mundane cycles be more interesting to those whom I am catering to.


Woke up tired. But I woke up anyway.

Struggled to wake up, struggled to wash up, struggled to walk to car, struggled to drive, struggled to board the LRT, struggled to sleep in the LRT, struggled to even have breakfast.

I need a break... A seriously good break... where I can just sit down, do nothing, and rest...



On a lighter note, I just got the guitar and effects box last night from my friend.

Now, all I need is some money to buy cables, a voltage transformer, and a good sounding pair of earphones so that I can practise at home, without the noise of an amplifier.

So, that's all for now...


Oh, there's a new girl in the office today.


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