Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lethargic Evenings

Make for a good time to post some scandalous issues.

Well, what have I done for the entire day?
1. Came in on time despite taking a lazy breakfast of bread and tea.
2. Switched on the computer, and proceeded to 'work'.
3. Finish work in 15-20 minutes.
4. Sat down, in front of comp, reading blogs over and over again.
5. Had biscuits and Milo for lunch.
6. Slightly after lunch, made a trip outdoors to help boss drive car back from painters: He reversed into a parked car, busted his bumper + brake lights.
7. Came back, had a light snack, a few cups of water.
8. Proceed to re-read blogs, hoping the writers posted something new.
9. Eavesdrop on colleagues conversation, boss' conversation.
10. Blog my second post of the day.

Yes, I am that bored at work. And no... don't cut it no more...

So, there's this issue about my colleagues and my boss, whereby, the boss is openly suspecting a mutany is on the tables. So, the atmosphere at the office is tense.

The boss is trying to act as if nothing's happening, and the colleagues can't be bothered to bother about the company's well-being.

Interviews have been ongoing for the past 2 days, seemingly the boss' attempt to bring in fresh blood, to cater for the suspected mass exodus.

And there's this unnerving feeling about the office whenever the clients ask us for something that's difficult to do. Like, "I want to see a mock-up tomorrow, when he'd demanding it like, 30 minutes before closing time."

It's stuff like these that the bosses are afraid of, but the colleagues are taking it as incompetent client handling.

So, in the end, the boss just gave the order. And the colleague, is now in silent protestation.

Tense indeed.

So... come back to me...

There's no offer on the table from Company B, and this anxiety is killing me slowly.

And there's nothing in the office to take my mind off things.



Blogger peisheah said...

even if it's a "gau long" u can still crawl ("guen") mah. yeah, i wish i can be back to some kampung - i like a stable life too.

October 05, 2006 9:41 pm  

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