Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Randomly Encouraged...

I think I feel encouraged.

Maybe it's frailty, maybe it's just me being fickle. I hate fickle minded-people, but sometimes, i turn into one too...

I wonder why...

Ah, well, I guess after this week's 'failure', that nobody called me to offer me anything, I will be staying put and wait for my year-end bonus, which actually makes more sense and cents...

I've got stuff to pay up for, and I need money to save up on. And most important of all, I see that we are moving out of our 1 client business (I think...).

Oh, I've been sleeping, but not getting rest. I wonder why. I have been resting but still, I get tired. Maybe it's the lack of proper food. I've been surviving on biscuits for the past month, and probably will continue to do so next month.

It's having an effect on my tummy, and waistline. So I guess it's good.

Things at work have been on a moderate tempo, and I have been ok with the jobs given me so far.

Now, I only wonder if they'll increase my salary this coming month, or do I get an incremenent only at the end of the year, when I have worked a full 12 months after confirmation.

Well, anything anyhow, I am still tired.

End of Random Transmission from brain to fingers.


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