Monday, July 24, 2006

It's Complicated...

All of a sudden, I am now thinking that it might not make a financially wise choice to jump ship in this time of the year. I mean, year-end bonuses are just around the corner, and if i do go work for another company, I would not have stayed long enough for me to get into any bonus plans.

So, now, it's lunch time already, but no one called as yet.

I wonder if they have found someone better, offering them with a better deal.

So, now seemingly, I have another road to consider:

1. Stay, and wait for my bonus
2. Go to the Creative Establishment
3. Go to the Establishment with a Senior
4. Just Quit and go do something I like.

I seriously wonder... Which is the better road...

Staying put, and wait for a potentially non-existant Yer-end Bonus will be the best financial decision. The Creative Company, will most probably give me very good career prospects but money wise, isn't much to shout about. The one with a senior will give me good guidance, but a very specialised list of clients means I will only learn 1 thing, and to quit and find something else that I would be interested in, such as Human Resources, or Marketing and Communications.

I am in such a big dillema. Then I realise, the options 2 and 3 aren't available to me yet...

No one called...

I wonder why...


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