Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm stuck...

I've been telling everybody who asks me, "Hey, how are you lately?"

I'm stuck.

*Hhhhmmm have I blogged about this before? If I have, then I am confirmed/certified as a dead man.*

I have no life. I haven't been talking to my boss since a month ago, and I need a bigger salary.

Seriously, it's difficult living in the big city, especially when you've grown up in a small town. I keep thinking of how much easier life would be if I went back to my hometown.

My ideals are so different from the ideals of those who live in the Big City. I would like to have a peaceful family, kids, and a nice home, nothing fancy, lots of space. But here in the big city, I am always required to work overtime, travelling is a hassle, getting to work already costs you a good chunk of your salary?

People here are so 'used-to' working late, and those who engage into a courting relationship is so 'ok' with not seeing their partners for a long period of time because 'work is more important'. Kids grow up in loneliness, and thus, find themselves looking for the wrong kinds of love. People's priorities are work, work and work. Some work because they need the money, some work because they want the money. But basically, everybody works for something. But in the end, they will all find that they own nothing.

Parents work so hard to feed their kids, and bring them up, give them a proper education, and make sure their needs are taken care of. But in trying to realise these dreams, we fail to understand that our kids need us. Your kids are only with you for a good part of their lives. Normally the first 10-15 years. If we fail to build up a lasting relationship with our kids when they are at this age, then when they grow up, do not expect them to have a relationship with you.

However much you have done for them, however much you have put on their plates, however good a uni you have enrolled for them will all go down the drain simply because your kid is not your kid. The fella is just your 'responsibility'. You don't foster a relationship with the fella, you will later become their responsibility,not their aged parent.

So, think properly what you are doing/giving your kids.

Society of today, when your kids goes to school, when they see that all their peers are treated as a 'responsibility' by their parents, they will look at you, parents who try to maintain a relationship with their kids, as someone who is doting, and troublesome, who accords them with no freedom at all... sigh...

When I talk like this, I seriously have nothing better to talk about... sigh...


Anonymous Michele said...

Well said Des *applause* ahha

July 11, 2006 10:55 pm  

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