Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I can't think when half my brain is pounding.

It came without warning. I was doing all well after I woke up, i was doing fine when I parked my car, heck, I was doing fine when I boarded the LRT, but once i stepped out of the LRT, half of my head started to pound... HALF... I wonder why... sigh...

Well, I just hate it when I get like this. I wonder what could cure this...


1 hour later:

I struggled with the migrain for a while, and then since I had nothing to do at the office yet, plus the bosses are still taking their sweet time in coming in, I took a wink on my desk, and the migrain is gone!!

So I am now officially tagging myself as a person suffering from a 'short attention span syndrom'. I have been trying too hard to push my attention span, increase my staying power, but it seems to be futile, especially that my cell members repeatedly call me a 'scatter brain'.

I think there's some truth in that. I mean when I speak, I have the tendency to jump topics although it does irritate the shit out of me. I can be chatting with you and we can talk about two separate topics in alternate lines. That's how bad it is. And I will force myself to call it quits when we start to get confused by the introduction of a 3rd strain.


Well, the next time I'm having a migrain, I'm taking a nap...

Wah.. feel so refreshed.


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