Thursday, July 20, 2006

When you have two bones...

Well, I am not sure that I'll have both companies offering me a place aftet both my interviews.

But from the look of things, here's a brief report on how I feel after meeting both sides.


The first one is this agency that has its set-up in the next block of my office complex. That fact for one, is a bit scary. When I hand in my resignation, my boss will surely ask, 'Where?' and it would be a scary thought to tell the fella 'Well, it's just in the next block.'

With regards to direction, and the workings of the agency, this agency does make the cut with its direction and its potential. I mean, these people are really, REALLY creative. I wouldn't mind working with them at all. However, expenses wise, financially, I will only incur a rough RM250 increase in nett income. I can see from their set-up, this company is going somewhere.

If I do get to join, I would see myself working there until like, I can come out and open my own agency or something. The career advancement is there. But I will be working rather independently.


As for the second agency, they are more stable and have a steady stream of clients all over town. However, they only focus on 1 industry alone. And that might be a real bore as I will be writing copy for the same kind of people, but competitors among themselves. It's very specific, and very focused. Well, if I do join, I would be made into the greatest writer for that genre of writing! Hah! The plus point is, I will be working under a senior writer, which I will surely learn something from. I have been running around this advertising industry headlessly simply because I have never worked under a good copy-based senior before. I wonder how it's like.

Money wise, this is easier on the pockets as well. Parking is free, the highway is relatively smooth running, and travelling times will be a breeze as compared to what I am doing now. But I won't be getting much of a chance to build my career up unless I topple my senior.


Ah, what's a man gotta do to get a job that he likes?

Well, there's pro's and cons to both, and I am not sure where I should go if both do offer me something. Money, or career advancement? Short term gain or long term pain?

Getting a new job is dangerous... You'll never know what you'll get.



Blogger Chief said...

what you think is good might not necessary be good. whne the offers come check with God. i didn't really do that.

July 21, 2006 11:17 pm  
Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

Chief: Ah, but I asked God to block out the offers that won't be good for me...

BTW, by any chance you were a 'Team Leader' in the 'Used-to-be' Biggest Animation House in Malaysia?

Cause I've got friends who used to work there, and apparently, the company did lose all their experienced staff...

July 24, 2006 2:52 pm  

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