Wednesday, July 19, 2006

When life throws you a bone...

Sometimes, our fates are sealed so tightly that we don't even have room to breathe.

Everyone has their own problems. And everyone inevitably sees other people as 'better-off' simply because they are comparing their own down-falls with other people's wind-falls. I mean, most of the time, our minds are so negatively skewed that we tend to see things through negative lenses.

There's a very fine line between being prudent and being negative. Margin for error is minute.

But with so much negativity in the news, even good news for some people will be seen as bad news for ourselves! So then, no news is good news. I always give thanks to God when I see some stupid headline in the Nation's Leading Newspaper. If I see that the front page is about some singer getting married secretly, I rejoice. Because there's nothing else to put in the headlines, and that means, it was a peaceful day yesterday.

Well, the media is just filled with negativity. Comedy-relief plays on that and a lot of people subscribe to it. We like to see other people in a worsened state, simply because, firstly, we can relate to them. We like to see stupid people getting whacked top-right-centre at the office, but in the end still get something good thrown at him. People like Puah Chu Kang gives us serious relief from our mundane day-to-day difficulties because he is stupid, but he gets along with his life fine (and rich).

Secondly, we like to see underdogs win. That's why so many have been touched by the recent bout of Hollywood underdog stories which have played to the tune that masses want to hear. Most of us who are working is under some kind of oppression. Clients demand stuff that are so difficult to produce, and thus we feel hard-pressed because our boss is pressed by the clients breathing down their necks. The clients are pressed because their customers aren't fully satisfied with the product and are about to jump to a competitor brand. And these customers are employees to another company. So, you get my drift?

So, wherever we turn, there seems to be nothing but negativity. Everyone thinks that they are going to die soon, but yet, somehow, no one wants to die because they do not know what death holds for them.

We are so afraid of death because we are not sure where we are going after death. Some say we will turn into spirits, some say we will go straight to hell, and a few good men will turn up at the pearly gates. A lot of people in the city, especially young ones, don't even want to think about death at their age. But once a close friend dies suddenly, they get shocked out of their shells because they have been lying to themselves, saying, "I'm still young. I have so much to live for" whilst at the back of their minds, they know, deep-down, they are just blocking out the thoughts of "What if I die tonight, in a accident?".

So, with all this negativity in the air, we do tend to breathe, eat, sleep negativity. For we don't know any better.

But then of course, life throws you a bone every now-and-then.

So when you get a bone thrown at you, do you look at it negatively and approach it with so much caution that you keep telling yourself, "If it's too good to be true, then it probably is." And you stand there, looking at the bone, contemplating whether you should pick it up. And you think up 1001 possibilites that once you pick up the bone, you might suffer from one thing or another.

Then the bone just lies there, sitting there, waiting to be picked up. And most of the time, once you have contemplated on all the 1001 possibilities, you move forward only to find that the bone has turned cold and it's not delicious anymore.

It's a dog-eat-dog world alright. What are you going to do when life throws you a bone?


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