Friday, July 21, 2006

RM500 Mission

Well, I am on a mission:

Yesterday, I got word that an ex-pastor (revereand in fact), has just opened a 'wealth management' agency. Man, I have heard of Top-notch managers in the Corporate World leaving their business at the top of their game and move into a spiritual establishment, but never the other way around. Man, this is saddening.

And on the same day, I got word that there will be a mission trip back to my homeland, organised by my church. It'll be a Youth Camp and I'll be leading a team of musicians back to do a gig there.

I've been thinking about it the entire night, and my heart is heavy for this mission. So I have decided to go in faith that God will carry me through. I am short of cash, and roughly, I think the trip will cost about RM500.

I have no leave balance because there's this possibility that I am joining a new company within the next month. Thus, I will seriously need faith in God on this. Then money is the next problem.

I don't know why, but I seriously have a heart to do this. Maybe it's the chance to inspire the younger generation, maybe it's a calling from above that I should do this. Maybe it's the opportunity to affect the spirituality of my homeland that is seemingly in deterioration; Pastors turning into Wealth Managers?? Alamak...

Well, all I have to do now, is to find RM500 to finance this mission of mine. Any sponsors? hehehehehe


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