Thursday, July 27, 2006


Not everyone honours and appreciates honesty.

So I'll be frank with you.

I got commented by my boss this evening, and it was an honest judgement, which confirms what I think was true. I am not cut out for this job.

I mean, I can write. I have the ability to write well, I can inspire, I can change people's perception, but just that, I can't do what is expected of me in creative writing. Well, i put it down to me not having an artisitc background.

I mean, I have been struggling with this copywriting job for ever since I came out. My bosses have always commented on me saying that I don't conceptualise enough. Well, maybe it's because I have never been taught how to conceptualise, maybe it's because I can't conceptualise as my mind is not skewed towards the artisitic side of things. I mean, I can critique art, but to ask me to come up with something artistic, my mind will shut down.

So, like any good employee would do, I will take my boss' comments, swallow them, try to improve myself, and find myself a new job as soon as i get my year-end bonus.


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