Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I may be Sick...

I mean, one o the things that ads can do to you is mak eyou feel sick.

I'm talking about ads for health products. They will highlight a certain point in your body, or over-extrapolate some symptom and tell you there's something wrong with you. And our mindset is that, if my body isn't working perfectly, I need help!

Well, if you really sit down and think about it, your body is indeed a perfect machine, with your organs and limbs working in synch with each other to keep you going. But then, certain things in your body is a regenerative source that will slowly disintegrate with use. Wear and tear, and accidents that render a certain part slightly damaged. Too bad our bodies didn't come with a operation manual and spare parts. Well, scientists are trying to make spare parts out of some stem cells, but that's just that - in the future, perhaps, we can buy spare parts, and we can change/maintain/service our bodies like we're doing to our car.

Well, the problem with 'perfection' is a weird thing. Everyone has their own ideals and ideas of what perfection should consist of. I might think that perfection is me, lying down on a beach in the Bahamas, sipping a cold drink, with an interesting book by mny side. Others might think that perfection means lying in bed with a couple of beautiful girls by their side. Whilst others might think that the perfect life consists of a loving husband, a caring wife and two kids in a homey country house. (Now why did I come up with unrelated examples for my argument?)

Ok... think about this. If you are feeling well, and you don't feel bad about your body, except for a little bit of fat here and there, then chances are, you're doing fine. But if you're constantly tired even after you've had enough sleep for the past two weeks, then probably there's something wrong with you. If you're a little sick here and there, it's ok, because our bodies, are not built for eternity. But you do need to get yourself checked if you have reccuring problems with your body.

However, we shouldn't be too cautious until we cannot live freely. When it comes to health, there are two schools of thought. One would be to live life as it comes, knowing that your body will act and react according to where you are and what you do. If you constantly expose yourself to drinking river water, your stomach will get used to it. The bacteria, the minerals, they all will go through the system inside your body, and your body wil learn to deal with it.

The other one of course, is that we must protect whatever goes into our system so that we 'get a better life'. But let me tell you one truth. If you've trained your body hard, then it will be hard. Potentially, wear and tear will be greater, but we will be able to see more things and experience more things. But if we protect our bodies too much, then it'll go soft. Take water for example, since we can't live without drinking water. If you've gotten used to drinking sterilised/treated water, your stomach will not ever be able to take raw water. I've been on a trip before, and I see this lady hauling her 'water filter' along with her to her vacation! It's like, will she be able to take it along with her if she went to Europe for a holiday?

So, in the end, I think, we shouldn't over rely on whatever is advertised as a 'better lifestyle' or 'health products'...

Afterall, our health/bodies are a perfect machine whatever you put into it. It is a living organism, and that is the difference between us and a car. We will adapt to our surroundings... the car... is built to outperform the elements...

ah well.. that was a long rant...

I don't blame you if you didn't read this... ahahahahaha


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