Monday, April 17, 2006

Heavy Head, Droopy Eyes

I am still suffering from a lack of sleep from a caffeine overdose last night.

Well, I should have known better than to visit Starbucks for a Grande at 9pm... hehehehehe... But the conversation and get-together with my Uni-mates was fun and enlightening to say the least.

It seems that everyone is getting somewhere in life except me, and another girl, who chose to live life free.

Peer pressure is not a pretty thing.

Well, peer pressure is ONE thing, but it's not the ONLY thing. I mean, I do feel the pressure that my friends around me are getting somewhere in life and I'm stuck here, getting no where. I take it as a wake up call. I need to seriously think about this. I mean, It's not everyday that I get a feeling that I want to change industries, but with regards to my current situation, I think I need to seriously re-think this entire she-bang of copywriting.

Demented, Dejected, and Destabilised.


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