Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Complications...

I just hate the feeling when I make a mistake at work...

And the difference could be just a Capital 'i' that was over looked. I mean, Talk about pressure and the need to keep oneself awake and alert throughout the whole day. It's just like goal keeping. your team could be pressing the other team's goal and the ball never leaves the opposition's half and then suddenly, you're in for a counter-attack!

It's just difficult.

I mean, if I make a mistake, if I slack, I will cause the company losses. The pressure is immense. But the bosses have been good. I wonder how long will this sustain. I mean, it's difficult when you have 3-4 designers after your neck when they need to rush things out, and sometimes, the checking is tremendous; 12-page leaflets, 1,500 words of a 8-fold brochure... you know the lot...

And then, the designers don't really help in a sense that they make so many typos and 'space errors' and the most importantly, I don't have access to the details whereby the changes were made. I would like to know more about it, but then, information sometimes just comes in via word-of-mouth. I can't check on every designer's work, and I can't be alert the whole day, or whenever my 'checking' services are called upon.

I can have the entire day snaking around, with only 1 or 2 lines to write, and then suddenly, at 5pm, I've got loads to check.

And 1 small mistake, and the whole set of films needs to be changed.

I seriously need help in this. Sigh...

I wonder if I would get called to interviews any time soon. Sigh...


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