Friday, April 21, 2006

Dedication to this Day...

Since I've got some extra time on my hands, hehehehe... I'll do a Birthday Dedication to myself... Oh forgive me, I am king for a day today (but I'll be sharing the throne with a certain Mr. Johns) and I get to do what ever my vain self likes... muahahahaha


Life has been an interesting journey for me so far. It's filled with ups and downs, stagnant salaries, non-productive moments, chaos, having had loved and having lost love, having found life, living an abundant life filled with both blessings and calamities.

I guess that all-in-all, at the very end, I would have to say that I am rather satisfied with what I have now. But I still aim for more.

It's true that one never stops learning throughout life, and I am only a quarter of my way through the journey. But then, I might not stay that long... I would say I've used up one-third of my allocated time on earth... hehehehe...

It's both saddening and enlightening at the same time when you realise that you only live once, and you can only know as much during your time. We can only see that much, learn that much, experience that much with our limited time. But the pursuit of knowledge, formal or informal, is something that has been always on my mind. However, I, like the rest of you, only have 24 hours a day.

Then there are a lot of things that I do like to thank God for. The life that I live, the friends beside me, you guys, Flora, my family, and my biggest critiques who keep me in check all the time. These are the most important things that I feel I should keep close to me.

Other things of material value, is immaterial when you really look into it.

Life... like time, passes whether you choose to live it or not. It's one of those things in life that we are not given a choice.

So, I would like to think that most of us would choose to live life as best as we could, learn as much as we possibly can, experience more new things, and see the world.

But then, I am already bogged-down by responsibilities from all sides. It's a melanchollic moment this 25th Birthday... In a sense, success could possibly measured by the things we have, material or eternal... But then, do we really need success in this sense?

Me, I would like to live for the things of eternal value like friendship, love, and trust. But then, I cannot have all these without some material wealth to house these things in.

Life's a funny thing. In the end, all we get is a box of chocolates...


Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

TO My Dear Readers (all 5 of you),

The more I read the post, the less it made sense... hahahaha

So don't ask me about it... it's just something I wrote in a semi-bored state...

April 21, 2006 12:28 pm  
Blogger theGodlyLawyer said...

Happy and Blessed Birthday!!!

April 21, 2006 8:43 pm  
Blogger Chief said...

Happy Birthday !
Enjoy !

April 21, 2006 10:35 pm  

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