Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Receptionist: Ungodly???

What is sin?

Sin in the definition of the religious would be something that makes God sad.

To those who deny God, it'll be something that can be defined by the law as 'unlawful'.

For those who believe in Karma, it's something that is bad so that the good in this world is balanced up, m'kay.

For the unreligious, it is not an issue, as long as nobody gets hurt.

Well, to me, and I think to a general extent, people look at telling a lie as sinning. Ask any parent. The disappointment they feel when they realise that they have been lied to for the first time by their children hurts the most.

So if that is the case, then, one of the most sinful people on earth would be the office receptionist!

Every sensible boss hires a receptionist. Why?? Because the receptionist will help filter those unwanted phone calls that comes through. I have already got ten jobs and issues on my hands and the situation doesn't get any better. And there's this guy who constantly calls up to ask me whether I would like to buy this water filter??? Heck I'm not going to have the time to take down this guy's message and call him back. That's why I hire a receptionist!!

If you've followed this blog for quite some time, you'd remember that I am the office floor mat and dumpster. I do everything else in the office from taking calls and writing stuff, and other shitty add-ons that my bosses get for the entire package of my monthly remuneration.

Well, this issue came up when I was asked by my boss to tell a lie. "In case this Julia calls me, tell her he's on MC".

So, Julia did call... and I lied... Well, I followed my orders...

And this is just a small episode in my life as a stand-in receptionist for 2 months. And we seem to be failing in the 'hiring' department. No one wants to come work with us. I wonder why.

Well, I think I know why.. and that reason is the exact reason why I'm not planning on staying here either. I wonder if my bosses know it...

But coming back to the case. Lying comes as part and parcel of being a receptionist. It's a small lie to protect the boss, no one gets hurt (well maybe except the guy who got lied to), there aren't any reprecussions that you will need to pay, your boss didn't want to hear the fella's voice either, so you were just doing your job. That's what you're partially paid to do in the office. Screen calls, take down messages, sign receipt acknowledgements and the like.

But then, you have the freedom to speak-up and against this. You have the right to not follow your orders. Afterall, we're given freewill to determine our own course on life.

So, would you? If your boss asked you to tell a white lie, would you?


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