Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Feels Like Chocolate...

I'm in a better mood this morning.

Maybe it was the chocolate, and cheese that I had in abundance yesterday.

April seems to be a month of Birthdays. I have friends here and there whose birthdays are always around these two-three weeks. Sheesh...

I've been slugging-in tonnes and tonnes of cakes lately. Birthday cakes, casual cakes, secret recipe cakes and cakes and cakes!! I'm developing a thing for cakes. And it's not good for the carb-free diet that I'm trying to start... ehehehehe.. I know... I've been trying to start the carb-diet thing for a few weeks now... hehehehe...

Marriages are also on the menu or today, as friends and family members are getting more and more into the business of marrying and the sort. Love is in the air, or it has been suspending in the air for quite some time now... Couples who have been together for some time now, couples who's just met, and couples who's about to start dating... Whao... 'Tis the season of love eh?

So would you like to order now? Sir?


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