Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mutiny in Full Swing

So, I walked in, switched on the fittings in the office, got myself to settle down.

And then a colleague walked in, and told me some shocking news: That my boss got tough with a colleague who made an honest mistake.

So, I guess the mutiny has taken a step forward, and fireworks might happen soon enough.


As of now, I'm really busy sending out emails.

Watch this site. I'll update as and when something happens.



Edited a few hours later:

Phew, I just sent out countless emails.

My bosses are interviewing people up and down. But according to the poor fellas, it's the end of the year and people don't quit at the end of the year. Apparently. So...

I think they must've been planning for a mass exodus of the current batch of workers in January or February, but they didn't think that I'd resign in November. Well, that showed them that not everybody is motivated by money.

So, now, the situation at the office has been escalating, boilling slowly to a simmer. After a short chat with a colleague one fine morning, I think all of them are planning to leave as soon as the annual bonus is declared, and their cheques sitting in their hands.

And apparently, the gossip mill has churned up that this part-timer who left us after a month, was told that the company wasn't making any money, and that the company has been running on a deficit for months. If that is true, then there might not even be a bonus.

And if that is true, I wonder why the company is going to Bali for this year's company trip. Hhhmmm...

Well, I guess that sums up my bosses' predicament. Stupid.

Their actions and their speech doesn't jive at all. I am talking about stupidity beyond all logic; If the company has been making a loss, then cut out your exorbitant lifestyle, take a wage cut, and cancel the company trip! You don't declare that you're going to Bali with the entire company, spending thousands upon thousands of ringgit when your business isn't doing so well. You don't go on holidays and come back to tell us how much you've spent. You don't go buy yourself expensive watches and show them off to your employees, and with all that, you only afford your employees a meagre 1 month's bonus?

So, that's the entire deal with this company that I'm working with.

It saddens me sometimes, that I want to help them out, but that would mean I'm even more stupider than my bosses.

Sometimes, my heart tells me to empathise with them, but yet, logic tells me other wise.

Like I cannot get it beyond myself to empathise with such stupidity.

Well, maybe some of you might find it hard to deal with the word stupidity, but anything softer would not cut it. They are, in the end, very bad man-managers.

Up until now, they have yet to decide when they want me out of their faces.

So, I guess I'm caught in the middle.

It was a few months ago that I was told that I am useless and I have no future in this industry by the boss that is also my immediate superior. I thank her for that wake up call, and thus, I'm moving out from this joint. And now because I quit at a very difficult time, they are (almost) begging me to stay??


Sometimes I hate to admit it, but I do think I leave with a little bit of vengeance in mind, and deep down, I think I'm enjoying it. It's not right, but I just can't seem to stop myself from thinking that they deservedly put themselves into such a tight spot.

I mean, it is difficult sitting this mutiny out, without taking sides, but this has caused me much unneeded pressure because of my neutral stance, the bosses use me to get to the mutant colleagues, and I am the one who gets shit from the mutants.
So I am very glad that I'm leaving this mess, and cease to be a doormat.

But then, I understand that this is not the main reason I'm leaving. If I had my way, I would've left a few months ago.

Maybe I am called to be here for a specific purpose, for a specific time.

Afterall, education doesn't tell you 'How Not to Treat your Employees'


Blogger peisheah said...

"In business, by the time you realise you’re in trouble, it’s too late to save yourself. Unless you’re running scared all the time, you’re gone." Bill G

November 17, 2006 1:58 pm  

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