Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Of pains and gains

So, today, I woke up with a migrain.

It's funny how it happened. I remember sleeping on the floor at my girlfriend's place at about 9.30pm. Then I went home at about 1.00am, after an episode of the series we were chasing. And I went straight to bed! I woke up early on, long before my alarm was due, and it was caused by this migrain that's still banging my head.

This is gonna be a long day.... a VERY long day...

Lunch Time Update:

It's half past 2, and my colleagues are still having lunch. Well, they left for lunch at 2pm today. Traces of this morning's migrain is still there, albeit, I feel much much better now.

I am now reporting behind enemy lines, as my boss is interviewing new candidates for the company, I am sitting here contemplating a rush out, and tell the fella exactly why this company is not worth his/her time and effort.



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