Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What day of the week is it again?

I seem to have lost track of time.

No, I'm not THAT busy, but it does seem that my nights are a blur. I can't remember when I slept, or when I woke up, I don't quite remember anything remotely with falling asleep last night, or the night before!

My memory is a big jumbled up blob.

It's like this... I remember what happened on a particular Tuesday night, but I can't remember whether it was last night, or the night before.

This is bad.

Normally, I would go to sleep recollecting my thoughts, of what I did the day that's just passed, and what I need to do the following day, but for the past two days, I seem to have just fallen asleep, and in the morning, awaken to blank memories, only vividly remembering what's lodged in my memory as in 'What I did on Monday Night, or Tueday Night'.

Ah, well... life must go on... eventhough it's a vivid existence.


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