Thursday, November 02, 2006

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My boss asked me into the meeting room to discuss a few details regarding my resignation.

And she duly asked me about my greviences, and maybe some suggestions how to improve the management and all that.

But most of the time, ONE little suggestion, even before I finished talking, would be met by a long and detailed defense.

And it was at this point, that she told me, actually nowadays, it's an employee's market. But then, as an employee, I feel that it's an employer's market... Well, anyhow, it's a bad market out there.

So, she was saying, that nowadays, bosses are afraid of their employees. They seem to be afraid of a mutany, and all that. Afterall, we are now very well-versed with the democratic concept of 'Majority vs Minority'. She went on to say that last time, when she just started out as a junior in an agency, she used to fear her bosses. But nowadays, employees do not share the same sentiment. So, yes, I do share that point of view.

But then, as an employee, I feel differently. I feel that I deserve to be given some rights, I deserve to be given some fringe benefits, I deserve this and that. And given the environment of the job market out there, it's harder and harder to find good jobs. Employers cannot trust their employees, employees do not want to do anything more than their jobs.

So I took a step back and looked at it...

Employers want high performance, low cost. Employees want low performance high returns. Clients want the bosses to deliver.

Looking for satisfactory jobs are never easy. Employers hold the key to this capitalist system. The power is in the Capitalist, which in this case, referes to the Entrepreneur. And thus, in actuality, the power belongs to the Bosses. The bosses hold the key to the employee's salaries. The bosses dictate how the business world revolves... The bosses are the ones who give jobs to the job seekers. And it is them who dictates how much every employee gets to spend on the economy. The economy is so bad that the clients aren't able to spend on anything except neccesities, but the employees want bigger houses, better cars... So the bosses are always stuck in between. Clients cutting budget year after year, employees want bigger salary increases...

Employees want a better life. Employers want a better life. Clients want a better life. But why is it that everyone cannot achieve such a want, together, since it's everyone's common goal?

In the end, something's gotta give.

There couldn't possibly be a way out of this mess.

Who do we blame then? The system? Blame 'Money'?

The problem is that everyone is stuck on chasing something that is perishable. Money. Money is scarce. The entire world of ECONOMICS runs on 1 thing: Scarcity.

So it's fair to say that Economics = Money + Scarcity

Money is always scarce. Needs are infinite.

But then, it seems that there is no end to the needs of everybody. And thus, I find it safe to assume that nobody can beat the system, save a few millionaires, and that's like less than 1% of the entire world's population.

So, why is it that we, the 99%++ of the world's population, are working to kill each other?


Anonymous Michele said...

Uh.. you will do Hiresh proud. haha

November 02, 2006 2:54 pm  
Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

Michele: Economics is a very existential subject.. ahahaha I think I'm an existential economist... whatever that means...


But anyhow, I didn't like how this article is written. Not impactful enough.

November 02, 2006 4:06 pm  
Blogger peisheah said...

That's the way it works even before we came into this world. We raced each other to the ovum & won. Maybe the race was very very fun. Maybe not at all. or it just depends on the individual sperm.

November 03, 2006 9:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crap... I feel so small now...



November 03, 2006 9:50 am  

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