Tuesday, October 31, 2006

There... I've done it...

I've written my resignation letter, and put it on top of my boss's desk.

But somehow, I am not feeling at peace with the issue.

Maybe it will come as a shock to everyone, maybe I'm just anxious.

Maybe the bosses have been expecting this. Maybe they haven't.

This anxiety is killing me.

How will the fellas react, how will I react.

What can I do to make this easier for myself?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

latest update: The boss is keeping mum and steady about it.

She saw the letter, she acted as if nothing happened.

I wonder what she's up to...



October 31, 2006 5:56 pm  
Blogger peisheah said...

That's her reaction? By not taking action?

November 01, 2006 9:05 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS: Yeah... she's the steady type... Maybe she needs to consult the other two bosses and see what they will do...



November 01, 2006 9:42 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

guess they're reacting that way so that you won't find out how valuable you are to them.
hope you're moving on to bigger things

November 01, 2006 11:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chief: Keep checking this site, and you might see something you'll like.



November 02, 2006 1:22 pm  

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