Thursday, November 23, 2006

2nd Last Day

So what does a man do when on the brink of the ceasure of his job?

Well, he takes things slowly, and he cherishes the every moment. He breathes in the remaining rays of sunlight, he watches and takes better notice of things that he has taken for granted, and he acts like a complete slob at the office!


Well, that's not entirely true, but part of it is.

These few days, today especially, I've been more aware of what's happening around me on my way to work just because I know that this (and tomorrow's) will be the last journeys I make to this office. And just to put things into perspective, I am now feeling a little melancholic to say the least. It's a wonder to me, how I can meet with the same few people on the LRT every other day, that I have even made a mental note of thier profiles without myself noticing. There's this aunty that's always there, in the same line as I am, there's this tall girl who's always talking to this macho guy whenever they're standing in line. There's this uncle who's has a twitch on his face who'd always arrive around the same time as I do. There's a bunch of 'regulars' that's gonna always be in the same line, about the same time, going to the same place every given day.

And then I think to myself. What do I know about them? What have I done to get to know them?


And then I realise how social this society has been.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

all the best with your new job

November 23, 2006 10:22 pm  

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