Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So... It's a Tuesday then...


It was indeed a rather refreshing break from the ordinary. But then, if you know me, you'd know that I don't really take breaks. I'd find something to do during my 'days-off'.

Friday was all about sleeping in, then a bit of cleaning up and the menial household chores.

Weekend was normal, busy with church.

Monday, I spent the entire day with the girlfriend, as she took leave to go on a date with me. Spent a lot... *Ouch* but it was worth it, as we did have a good time. But, do take note that although Fasta Pasta serves fresh pasta, made daily, the cheaper alternative at William's is much cheaper and tastes even better. So, what's there in a brand and fancy decor? Exactly that... Brand and Fancy Decor...

Watched the latest installment of 007, and it was good enough by my standards. It was more of a prequel to more bond movies by Danny Boy. Maybe that's why there are certain comments from misunderstood audiences that it's boring and all that when compared to Pirece's Version. But let's face it, we have a new 00, and we need to reestablish his status, his character, and frankly speaking, Danny Boy did a pretty good job in my books. He provides more raw action, he's more physical, and his cold blue eyes reflect so much, yet it says so little. But of course, puritans would claim that he does not fit the typical Bond mould and that he's more of a metrosexual rather than the 'Man's man'. But I'd say he is a refreshing change in the 00 series. And I just love the dialogue. If I would watch the movie again, it would be for all the words exchanged between him and Vesper. As an end note, I'd say Danny Boy makes me expect greater things from the next 00 installment. As for those who equate Bond movies with the girls and the cars, this will disappoint, as the car scenes are a minimal, and there's no one to introduce the gadgets to the audience. Well, there's nothing to introduce anyways.

On another note, a new guy came in. Poor guy. Must have just graduated from college. I hope that joining this firm won't kill his chances of making it big.


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