Monday, July 31, 2006

of sprains and pains

I'm on a short lease as I have my ankle sparined from a good day of football yesterday.

It hurts, a bit, whenever I take steps, and for sure, I will not be able to keep up with the rushing hoards of commuters at work. So I took the day off, telling the office to email me anything that needs immediate attention.

It's a freak accident really. I tried to block an opponent's shot at goal, and the impact of the ball to my feet caused me to land the foot on the ground akwardly, and thus, a sprain was the result.

Well, today was a good day in a sense that I had a day off to think about my life, what I need to do in the short term, and also the long term. So happened, my girlfriend was also down with a stomach bug. And we spent the day off contemplating on my next move...

I needed the time to clear my head as well.


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