Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Life's Tough...

but sometimes, God throws you a bone.

You know, sometimes it's difficult trying to live in this world.

3rd World Country, inflation is always higher than your increment, and you're expected to make it on your own when your salaries can afford you close to nothing, then there are commitments, personal and religious... Life's hard...

So I was this guy who's been believing in God since a very young age, and I've been committed to a religious establishment ever since I remembered. I have grown up through the system, taught to walk in the ways which would make both my parents and my God proud, taught to give time, effort and money for the upkeep of the establishment, so that other people may be blessed through my giving, and that others may share in my joy of knowing God.

So, there was this day that I found myself in need (not want) of a lot of new things. And thus, as a God fearing person will do, I leave it to the very last resort of asking God to provide for me, since I have been rather faithful in giving my time, effort and money. My clothes are old, I have been wearing the same two pairs of jeans for the past couple of years, and I haven't had a pair of new shoes since before I came out to work, which is now almost two years... And the people beside me have been so kind as to notice it. I would get a new t-shirt out of the blue from my sister, or a new shirt from a group of friends although it's not my birthday. Well, I count my blessings.

But yesterday, it was a direct piece of divine intervention. Well, I have long known that my clothing and accessories will not last me forever and will one day deplete because of wear and tear. So I was praying for God to deliver me. My casual walking/working shoes are already in its latter years and have a full-round stitching from the local cobbler that costs RM15. Well, the RM15 went a long way. It prolonged my Adidas experience for a good 6 months more now and hopefully for a long time more.

My football boots haven’t been as lucky. It has served its purpose well, made a few good crosses, a few goals, and loads of fun time with the lads. But now, the glue on the bottom has lost its hold on the leather and thus, there’s a gaping hole on the side. A whack of the ball and my little pinky toe will be able to breathe easy.

So, I asked God, “God, I know you can do al things, and sometimes I lack a little faith. But now, I seriously need either of these two things from You. Either make my clothes and accessories resistant against wear and tear, or give me the money so that I can buy what I need. I have been living without want for sometime now, and You have been taking care of my needs, so for this time, I really NEED a pair of boots liao.”

And God delivered!!!

I just bought myself a pair of Genuine “PUMA” Leather football boots for RM59.90!!!

It costs RM239.00 in its prime, but now, since the model has been discontinued, and the pair I bought was one of the last few pairs, it was priced at RM99.00 with a 40% Discount to boot!!!


I have been playing football with a ‘loose’ right foot and that has caused me much tension and unwanted jibes from the lads on the field. I even resorted to playing on the left side of the field so that my right leg (and boot) will only be used for running and balancing.

But this week, I’ll be back to my normal best!!! Woohhhoooo!!!

This is seriously a miracle. I have never bought a pair of genuine leather anything for RM59.90!!! That’s seriously crazy… muahahahaha… *Oh did I mention that the boots were cheap because they were all small sizes and the size that I wanted was the last of its kind? It was the display set!!!

I have a friend who wanted to get himself a pair also because his, like mine has opened up and separated into top and bottom. I so wanted to call him up but there wasn't any size that fit. So, it was a true miracle that happened on my life. hehehehe...

Lads, watch-out for my crosses from both sides of the field… I am back... and with a vengeance!


Blogger BeaWuzHere said...

wahahahaha.......hallelujah! ^_^

June 06, 2006 10:54 pm  

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