Thursday, June 01, 2006


I keep getting Hiccups...

Darn.. I hate Hiccups...

It's been happening since the *Hic* morning all through the drive to the *Hic* train station. Then it *Hic* stopped. And after a few biscuits *Hic* for breakfast, it came back again. *Hic*

This is as bad as bad can get. I can't talk. Whenever I talk i'll sound exactly like what you've read on top. I'm not exaggerating. It is that frequent. It comes every 5-7 seconds.


So I was travelling back from work yesterday and I saw this overtly confident fella with two of his friends walking into the train at KLCC and well, by this guy's 'confidence' I straight away had a feeling that he was a 'devout' Christian. It seems that certain Christians have this 'aura' of being overtly showing a confident face whereby you can detect the falseness in his confidence straight away. (Y'know, the type of confidence that you would expect from someone trying too hard to look confident) Well, my hunch was confirmed when one of the friends turned over to face me and I saw a Planet Shakers T-shirt on him.

Well, they were talking about this and that, and from their conversation, I got to realise that the two fellas were new around here and the overtly confident fella was bringing them around. Maybe a hometown friend?

And so they talked about churches and all, and it was revealed that the two new guys were actually looking for a church. And this guy, suppposedly thier guide or senior was telling them about all the good churches around PJ and KL. There's nothing wrong with that. I mean certain churches have been known to be better in certain aspects than others. But one thing that I was actually quite appalled by the fella was that he was promoting all the big churches around PJ (that's where the two friends were staying) and teached them methodologically how to 'choose' a church. Well, he spoke like he's been giving this kind of advise to a whole lot of other kids who came to the Klang Valley for their Tertiary Education. Maybe he's a counsellor for Old Christians in a New Town kind of thing?

"You should go to this church for at least 3 weeks to gauge whether it's suitable for you or not. Because y'know, you can't see much from one single Sunday." (insert Bobby Trendy'esque expression)

"Then after that, only you go to another church for around 3-4 weeks to see if you'll be more comfortable there."

"But do bear in mind, that you should give yourself a target by which you must find a church to settle down within 3 months or so."

What are we teaching our younger generation??? Alamak!!!

If you are supposed to choose church like you're hypermarkets, then you might as well go to the most popular church in KL. Now, seriously, if it were for you to choose, then why not spend your entire life hopping around the few hundred churches we have around the Klang Valley? Or should we just pass these two guys a directory of churches complete with an analysis chart of what the church is strong at so that they can choose to 'grow' whichever part of their spiritual lives that they feel lacking?

"Oh, I feel like I lack a little bit of Bible knowledge. I think Church A suits me better."

After a few months, after being 'transformed' by Church A into a strong Bible believing Christian...

"I think I have upped my level of Biblical knowledge and I feel my Worship life is somewhat lacking. I hear that Church C is good in their worship and music ministry. I'll go there for a few months."

I mean WHAT THE .....???

So now churches need an advertising agency to promote and advertise and to build their brand?

Only then it dawned unto me that we live in different times. We are Christians living in a world of Consumerism and we are therefore Consumers. We have been given the freedom of choice. Yeah, we have so many freedoms. We're so free to do whatever we like until some pastors simply go and open their own church because they are not enjoying what they are doing in their old church.

(Hey... I think anger kills hicccups...)


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