Thursday, May 25, 2006

The road less taken...

People have improved, they have evolved into modernity, they have increased their knowledge, literacy is at a peak, and yet, people don't know where to line-up???

Well, I'm a commuter that is slowly getting used to being on the train everyday. I just hope it won't be for my entire life. So, every morning, after I drop-off my girlfriend at her office, I'll be happily moving along the road to get to my train station. Then after I parked my car and all that, I will go up to the terminals and stand in line for the next train. Well, sometimes, there is no line as the train before me has just left, picking up all the waiting commuters. And since the terminal doesn't have a properly drawn area to tell the commuters where to line up, some people just don't seem to be able to know where the doors of the train will be at.

You see, the train is an automated machine. Fully automated means that it is a creature of habit and programming. So it stops at the same spot everytime! Well, miscalculations aside, it will stop at the same spot time and again.

So, in all kiasu-ness those who know the rules of the game knows where to line up in order that he/she will be able to get on the train the fastest. And how does one look for where to line-up??

Look at the spot that's been trampled on the most!! There will be dark 'dirtied' spots on the floor telling you where the people have trod on a lot.

So, the common man, the regular traveller, and the seasoned commuter will do that. It's the simplest and most convenient road to travel on.

But what about the road less travelled?

Most of the time in our lives, we are just happy to go along with what society deems as normal. Our eyes are fixed on what society deems as 'What you should be doing'. We often fail to look up and see other possibilities that may be ahead of us. Do you know why we never get out of our own maze? Our rat-race? That's because unlike rats, we don't have a keen sense of smell (there's always a piece of cheese at the end of the maze). Dah-lah we only look at the floor that under our feet in fear of tripping over some small rock, we don't use all our other senses to get ourselves out of the maze. If only we would stop and strategise a bit, we would be able to get out of any situation.

And sometimes, all we worry about is our future. Well, in actual fact, life is so fragile that there won't be a future for you if you fell off a bike tonight, or suddenly, while you're on the road, a lorry (truck) comes ploughing into you from the other side of the road! We could simply die at any given time man! So why worry about the future?

People have tried looking into the future because of curiousity and anxiety. But what's the fun of living in the present if we already know the outcome of what's ahead of us? Ok, we might be able to foresee that there will be a massive car accident here and there, and avoid it, and we might know that later in life, we would be suffering from lung cancer, thus we stop smoking now, or that we got to know that there will be a natural disaster at a given time, and we fly off to take a holiday while the thing happens. But that doesn't stop us from dying. It only prolongs our life, yes. But in the end, we are surely going to die. There are only two things that is a sure bet in life. First, there is a God, second, we're all gonna die.

So... why look into the future and spoil the present?

Take the road less travelled, and see what surprises that may lie ahead.

God's always there to make sure you don't die before your time. And suffering is just part of life. Everyone suffers in life because we are imperfect beings living in an imperfect world. So stop moaning and grieve on your troubles, and start living life with gusto and hope.

So, why not put your life on a 'sure bet' and see what surprises may spring up...

*Post inspired by last night's sermon preached by Dr. Robertson.


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