Tuesday, May 30, 2006


After a good two years of working, only now I got to understand the word 'Responsibility'.

Now I know why God didn't let me leave this forsaken company...

Now, I pressume that I won't have so much time to go around visiting mindless posts on mindless blogs anymore. I have taken up new responsibilities in the studio and will be made to work harder to earn my keep.

And I thought that there's nothing else for me to do around here.

Well, all these years that I've been working, I have never pro-actively taken up any role to date, but yesterday, I got myself into a much needed responsibility. I just hope I'll get a raise for it. Well, it's a liberating feeling really. Just when I thought I was stuck here, I am now making myself more indespensable to the company.

So help me God.

On the other fronts, my right arm hurts as a result of hanging around Monkey Bars to get over to 'the other side', and also as a result of 'flicking' too much on badminton when I have not touched a racquet in like ages. So, serves me right, in the arm, the right one... I just hate it when I fail to realise that I am young no more and try to do stunts that I remember doing with ease in the past, and spend the next few days suffering from torn muscles and aching joints...

So, what gives??


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