Monday, May 29, 2006

An Inspiring Life...

I just hope that I have lived my life to inspire some people around me.

During the camp workshop, I met with a bunch of people who had a few things for writing. Some were raw, some were unpolished, some had talent, some had MORE talent, and some just simply came to the wrong workshop. Well, I just hope I've inspired them to be serious about writing. I can't do anything more than that with the time given me.

Well, during the preparation of the workshop, I had a serious reconsideration of my mission in life, and I seriously doubted if my dreams were real. Then I realised that I had no dream. Well, no material dream, that is. What I aspire to do, and enjoy very much is to become an inspiration to the people around me. I have always wanted that. I get a buzz from being able to change lives. I derive satisfaction from helping people improve their lives and all that.

But I wonder how can this dream can put food on my plate?

Be a counsellor? Ahahahaha... right...

I can't be a preacher, nor a minister, I want to, but that's not my dream.

But my dream isn't a pratical one...

I might cut it out at being a teacher, but I'm not sure that I want to walk down that road.



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